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Contact Numbers You Need to Have

You never know what’s going to happen. We live in such strange yet exciting times that anyone’s day can go one way or another. What’s important is we’re prepared to face the day regardless of how we’re starting it. A crucial part of being ‘prepared to face the day’ is to know what to do in case of an emergency.

And no, this isn’t jumping to extreme conclusions.

Think about it, are you prepared for any emergency of any sort? And not the life-or-death type of emergency, something less fatal and more general inconvenience that can balloon into something absolutely frustrating. Take, for example, you’re locked out of your own apartment, and no one else has the key. Or when there’s a stray animal near your property.

These types of moments are often overlooked as ‘emergency,’ but in truth, they’re essential. Ignoring these situations as if they don’t need addressing will make it worse down the line. That’s why preparation is necessary. And a simple way to be prepared is to have the numbers of emergency contact with you at all times. 

Of course, everyone and anyone can call 911, but there’s good reason for knowing the direct line to local establishments: you’re better equipped to deal with non-fatal situations. Here are a few leads you can start with, and always remember that the numbers will be different depending on your area, so check with your local government.

Your Emergency Contact

Let’s start with something personal first—specifically, yours. If you have a disease that can get triggered anytime, you might be familiar with the idea of having an emergency contact. Normally our parents or our life partner, emergency contacts are the ones others can contact if something happens to you. Even if you don’t have a persistent allergy or illness, having one with you at all times can be a lifesaver. Make sure you have pop’s or mum’s number on your wallet. You’ll never know what can happen.

The Number of the Local Utility Repairmen

Picture this, you’re doing the dishes, you turn on your faucet, but there isn’t any water coming out. And then water blasts from the pipe, leaking all over your floor. Unless you’re an expert handyman, you can fix it on your own. But during moments like this, you might want to contact a plumber.

And this applies to almost every aspect of utility in your house: the local electrician’s number for your electrical line, your internet provider’s customer service number for your Wi-Fi, a local mechanic for your car. Your local repair people will always welcome the business, and knowing their contact numbers will prove highly beneficial in case of a personal emergency.

The Local Animal Control/Animal Shelter

Stray animals might pull your heartstrings, but it’s not exactly the best idea to keep taking in every stray animal you encounter. And it’s not good to leave them be either. They can eventually be a problem, such as going through your trash, inviting disease and illnesses, or even attacking someone. It’s best to call animal control to make sure it’s addressed properly. Don’t even try to deal with it yourself. Some professionals are better equipped to handle them.

The Closest Hospital

One of the most important numbers you should ever have is the contact number of the closest hospital in your neighborhood. They will often have multiple active numbers, and it’s good to have the emergency room number on hand if something happens. This also means that if you call them, the trip from the location to the hospital will be considerably shorter, potentially saving a life.

Nearby Poison Control Center

No one may be out to poison you or your friends, but you might accidentally ingest non-edible materials that can pose a danger to your health. And it’s more common than you think: kids below the age of 6 are prone to putting things in their mouths, and even adults can accidentally ingest something dangerous. In moments like this, the last thing you want is to panic. The best-case scenario is that you have the local poison control center’s direct number, allowing you to contact them and get help immediately.

Your Immediate Neighbors

Do you know your neighbor’s phone number? You might think that you don’t have any reason to know their contact number, but there are benefits to having each other’s contact details. For one, they can tell you if anything’s happening in your house when you’re there. And it goes both ways. In moments where there’s an emergency related to their property, and you’re witnessing it, you want to inform them as a neighbor.

Now it’s time to gather these numbers. Don’t worry; your efforts will be worth it! It’s all for preparedness and safety, and you won’t regret being prepared.

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