Monday, June 24

Design an Up-Scale Restaurant Interior with These 8 Must-Haves

With over 660,000 restaurants in the U.S., distinguishing your fine dining restaurant from the rest can be a challenge. An inviting restaurant interior design is one way to reflect the brand you are trying to create. It also encourages customers to relax and enjoy their meals. The following eight tips are worth considering when creating your restaurant design.

Seating Layout

The seating layout deserves a substantial amount of thought. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy your dinner and feel that another patron is hanging on your every word. While achieving the maximum seating capacity is important, so is leaving enough space between tables so customers can relax and feel comfortable.

The “Bad” Table

There are certain tables in a restaurant that are not as coveted as others. For example, no one wants to be at the table right in front of the kitchen door. Consider placing a partition, large plants, or a screen to cover the kitchen door, and block some of the noise that it generates. You may also want to consider doing this with the bathroom, depending on where it is.


Color impacts how we feel about a space and is an important factor in designing your restaurant. Think about your color scheme before you choose furniture and accessories so that there is a theme throughout the restaurant. Light colors will make the space feel bigger, while green and brown are considered relaxing colors. Darker warmer shades of red, maroon, orange and brown are said to boost customer’s appetites, making them wise choices for an upscale restaurant that serves multiple courses.


The restaurant’s décor should go well both with the color scheme and the effect you are trying to achieve. Using metals and glass in your décor will give a modern feel to the restaurant, while fabrics give a homier feel. Either way, make sure that your chairs are comfortable. People will not return to your restaurant if they are uncomfortable, no matter how good your food is.


The lighting in your restaurant is very important. The right lighting makes the décor look better while hiding any flaws. Warm interior lighting will create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage people to relax.


Don’t forget about the restrooms. They should reflect the restaurant’s ambiance as well. Nothing will ruin a customer’s experience than a dingy, old bathroom so put some time into the design of the restrooms.


Consider that the plates and silverware should match the design of the space. Choosing heavy silverware over light, cheap silverware will give the impression of a fine dining experience. Pick a plate style that goes with the overall theme of the design.

Menu Design

The menu is not simply a list of food options and the prices, it is marketing collateral. The weight, size, paper stock, and font are all considerations that are an extension of the restaurant’s brand.

Interior design in a restaurant is the personal choice of the owner, but in an upscale restaurant, it should add to the ambiance of the establishment. It should add to the customer’s overall dining experience and make them want to return to the restaurant.