Wednesday, March 29

Everything You Should Know About Diseased Trees

How to Tell if Your Tree Is Diseased | Tree, Disease, Bald eagle

Property owners have a lot of responsibility. They care for their property, maintain the trees and bushes and keep the lot in tip-top shape. If you have trees on your property, you may come across a diseased tree. These trees are sometimes hard to recognize, but with a little help, you can recognize and take care of the problem quickly.

Signs of a Diseased Tree

A diseased tree is a tree that is infected by bacteria or fungi. The bacteria enter the vascular cells where water is transported. The disease is then transported throughout the entire tree, which affects the leaves, roots and bark. The bacteria can block important nutrients and cause wilting and other problems. Here are few signs to recognize a diseased tree:

  1. Fungal Growth: You may start to see grey areas that grow on the tree. You may also start to see brown shelf-like structures jutting from the base of the tree. While this is a different type of fungusinfecting the tree, you’ll recognize the odd growths.
  2. Peeling Bark: The bark protects the tree’s interior, so if it starts to peel, that can be a sign of disease. Take notice when large pieces of park peel off, which could lead to the death of the tree.
  3. Yellow Leaves: Although many leaves start to change color in the fall season, some infected trees may not even grow green leaves in the spring. Look for stunted growth and abnormal colors. 
  4. Anything Strange: If you know the kind of tree you’re dealing with, you’ll know what is and what isn’t normal. Do some research to find out what certain signs mean, and if they are normal parts of the tree’s growth.

How To Help Your Tree

Although prevention tactics can help your trees in the long run, you may be facing an already diseased tree. In this case, you need the help of Ottawa tree surgeons. Trained arborists can help identify trees that need help. Because they know the anatomy of these plants and have experience saving trees before, they are your best resource.

You may want to invest in a fungicide that can help kill and remove the infection. Of course, you’ll want some help determining what exactly is causing the disease. Once you know that, you can treat the tree much easier. 

Trees are beautiful additions to the world around us. Sometimes, bacteria and fungi can harm them. With the help of arborists and additional tree knowledge, you can prevent and heal diseased trees on your property.