Monday, May 27

Home Renovations You Will Want to Complete Before the Holidays

10 Remodeling Projects to Do Before the Holidays

There is nothing quite like Christmas to bring families together for a bit of yuletide cheer. However, something has always been lacking because your home doesn’t have all the features you’ve always associated with the holidays. This year, you mean to do something about it. There is still time and some of the renovations aren’t really as complicated as they may seem. Some you can do yourself as a DIY project while others will need a bit of professional help. But, if you want to be ready for the holidays, let’s get started!

A Traditional Place to Hang the Stockings

Year after year you’ve purchased those paper fireplaces to hang the stockings on. This year, you can accomplish several things if you schedule an installation of an authentic fireplace. Not only will you have a place to hang Johnny and Susie’s stockings, but you will have a bit of extra warmth much needed at this time of year. Check out some of the fireplaces on a site like where you can choose between gas lit or traditional wood-burning models. Also, think about sitting around the fireplace on Christmas Eve as you read A Christmas Carol to the children. It’s like stepping right back into your own Christmas past!

A Bit of Updating for the Kitchen

Another thing you’ve always dreamed of around this time of year is a traditional gas range with a double oven. There are many models on the market that have the appeal and functionality of those old circa early 1900s ranges but with much greater technology. Why bake in stages when you can have the duckling roasting in one side with all the Christmas pies and puddings in the other? This will be like stepping into your grandmother’s kitchen and there is nothing quite as heart-warming as grandma’s kitchen.

Upgrading the Guest WC

If you are truly shooting for that old fashioned Christmas, you might want to consider replacing the sink in the guest bathroom. The tap has been leaking for some time now and you’ve had your fill of listening to the drips in the dead of night. Why not tear out that old sink and install one of the retro countertop basin style sinks? They will carry the look of times gone by through to the guest WC so that no room will be left untouched. You may need a plumber to do the installation, but it’s a quick job once you’ve decided on the counter, cupboard, and pedestal sink you’d like to go with.

There really is nothing quite like making memories in a home that brings forth those of happy childhood days. These are all easy things to accomplish once you’ve chosen the appliances or brands you’d like to use. This year, you can drink a hot toddy with friends on a cold winter night sitting in front of that lovely new (yet old?) fireplace. The kids can run down on Christmas morning to find their stockings hung and filled on a real fireplace and the treats you can cook up in that new range will be nothing less than delectable. This is the year…