Sunday, May 28

How Can MEP Contractors Leverage Building Information Modeling?


Dreaming a building in an advanced building can sometimes cause a hole in your pocket. The investment generally includes ongoing operation costs and maintenance costs. Well, to avoid this, you can make a smart decision to adapting MEP BIM Modeling services and minimize all costs. This concept is applied correctly at the time of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation. Thus, you can quickly get a smart building design for your dream home.

What is MEP BIM Modeling?

BIM is quite popular nowadays as a modern engineering design methodology in which the MEP contractors make use of conventional construction plans while doing a project. In BIM, engineers adapt 3-dimensional models using detailed information regarding system components. Thus, the outcome comes out to be a virtual reality version of different buildings. Both structural and architectural concepts are used in such services.

Many engineering design teams collaborate to decide the layout for multiple building systems. They have to make sure that there should be no overlapping of locations. BIM technology is ideal for speeding up the process, reducing the chance of repetition, and the total time needed for design review. The BIM software is introduced for calculating the list of materials and save time as well as money.

BIM is meant for minimizing the change orders at the time of construction

The project cost can only be increased whenever change orders are noticed and also lead to chances of missed deadlines and also adjourning the building commissioning. With the help of BIM, both engineers and contractors can identify the change orders during the design phase.

It has been noted that change orders can result in unwanted expenses for the construction process. Therefore, it has been proven that BIM acts as a powerful project tool that helps the engineers to accomplish the project on time and within the budget.

Helpful in simplifying the maintenance costs

BIM doesn’t limit to project commissioning only. It is also useful in managing the property and even scheduling the maintenance operations. In short, BIM is required for enabling a preventive maintenance approach rather than a reactive approach. That means BIM is beneficial in fixing the issues that occurred at the time of construction. A virtual model is intended for tracking the condition of critical components and further scheduling the replacement of faulty components.

Wrapping up

The advanced MEP BIM modeling services are considered to be an investment to attain a long term drop in building ownership costs. Moreover, it is also required to get a high-quality design that simplifies operation, construction, and maintenance cost.