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How Safe Are Electric Blankets in Reality?

Found yourself craving the warmth only a heated blanket can bring? Electric blankets are a great way to cozy up inside and find a warmer way to hang out under covers. However, you may have also asked yourself, “are electric blankets safe?”.

While anything with a plug can pose some risk, electric blankets come with some additional myths. So what’s fact and what’s fiction? Keep reading to learn about what you should worry about if you want to enjoy an electric blanket safely.

The Best Blanket

When everything freezes outside and the cold has crept into your home, an electric blanket might feel like the perfect solution. A heated blanket can keep you warm without blowing dry air at you or require you to raise your heat all over the house along with the bill.

An electric blanket can be a great way to add a little extra heat to your home. And it’s not the only way. You can learn more about electric blankets and home heating options at

Using anything electric can pose some risks. And asking yourself questions like are heated blankets safe to sleep with can be important. Here are some of the factors you need to consider.

Fear of Fire

The most obvious concern with heated blankets is that they could be a fire risk. And while that may be a more pertinent issue with older blankets, if you have a new electric blanket it’s very unlikely to pose a threat by fire. With new technology, there have been plenty of design improvements to prevent possible fire risks, so you shouldn’t feel concerned unless you are using a poorly maintained or old blanket.

Overheating from a heated blanket is a bigger possibility. Some electric blankets can become quite warm, so it isn’t a good idea to use them overnight.

Are electric blankets safe for toddlers? As long as there is supervision and no one uses it overnight, an electric blanket can be shared. But again, because they can get hot, you should only use one while awake and with careful monitoring of a safe temperature.

Myth or Menace

If you have read an electric blanket myth or two, you’re not alone. Many concerns about electric blanket safety come from myths, one of which is the idea that electric blankets can cause cancer.

Numerous studies have been done and no correlation was ever found. There is also the concern that electric blanket EMFs, or electric magnetic fields, could be dangerous, but no studies show that to be factual. And the National Cancer Institute has said the frequency of electric blanket EMFs is incredibly low, much like a shaver or hairdryer.

Should You Watch Out?

There are a few groups that are more at risk in regards to using an electric blanket. And while some dangers are myths, some of them should be taken more seriously. A heated blanket can increase your body temperature at the core, and this could be dangerous for some people.

Pregnant individuals should avoid heated blankets, mostly avoid any possible overheating. And toddlers or elderly individuals should not use a blanket without supervision since they may not know how to use it. People who know how to use and adjust a heated blanket should be the main ones using it.

If you have diabetic neuropathy, and cannot easily sense temperatures, a heated blanket could be dangerous. The blanket could get too hot without you realizing it.

While pets love electric blankets, they do not know how to use them, so should not be left alone under or around a heated blanket that’s turned on.

Top Tips

When using a heated blanket, the best way to keep everyone safe is to use it how it’s intended. Do not leave someone who does not know how to use it alone with the blanket on. And do not put anything on top of the blanket while it’s in use.

Avoid things like liquids or anything else that should not be around an electrical appliance. And if you keep it out, make sure it lays flat as opposed to folded up. If it were to be plugged in on accident and forgotten, it could get too hot while folded and pose a risk.

Keep Safe

Another important safety tip is to store your blanket with care. An electric blanket that isn’t stored properly could pose much more of a hazard than one that is well maintained.

Keep it in a safe storage bin to prevent it from collecting lint or dust. And make sure the cord is carefully folded to not damage it, both when stored and when in use.

So, Are Electric Blankets Safe?

The best answer to the question are electric blankets safe is yes. However, they can be dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. Heated blankets are not for everyone, so make sure you know who is using the blanket and that they understand how to use it.

A heated blanket can add a great layer of warmth to a cold winter day, but don’t underestimate its potential to heat up. A heated blanket can get too hot, and you should always use a certain level of caution when using any electrical device.

If you follow these safety tips you should have no problem enjoying your heated blanket and staying warm all year round. And if this helped you better understand electric blankets, keep reading for more useful tips.