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How to Deal with a Garbage Disposal Leak 

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If water is coming out from under your sink, the most likely issue is that there’s a leak in your dumpsters oklahoma city ok. Calling a professional plumbing service is your best bet to fix it, but there are a few steps you can take to identify and possibly fix the issue. Here is how to deal with a garbage disposal leak.


Make sure you unplug the garbage disposal from the power outlet and turn off the power at the circuit breakers to prevent electric shocks. Then take a dry towel and wipe away all of the water on the unit. You will need to have some water in a container, as well, mixed with a little food coloring if you have a difficult time spotting the leak.

Look for the Leak

Grab a flashlight and examine the garbage disposal. With the unit dry, turn the water on and see where the water begins to leak. As stated before, if you are having a difficult time locating the leak, you can use the water with the food coloring, which will make it much easier to spot where the unit is leaking. The most common places for a garbage disposal leak is the top, side or bottom of the unit.

Location of the Leak

Leaking from the Top

If the unit is leaking from the top, it’s probably the sink flange. The sink flange is a flat metal disk that connects the garbage disposal to the sink. In some cases, plumbers will use putty to seal the flange, which can be corroded over time. Other times, units will use a flange secured with screws. To fix this, you will need to detach to the disposal, remove the old putty and apply new adhesive. If your flange is secured with screws, then you may need to purchase a replacement.

Leaking from the Side

Water leaking from the side is usually due to loose drain line connections and worn gaskets. If the leak is coming from where the hose meets the garbage disposal, then the issue could be a loose metal clamp. Simply tighten the clamp’s screws to ensure it’s on there securely. If the leak is where the disposal connects to the waste pipe, then you may need to replace the rubber gasket in the waste drain pipe. 

Leaking from the Bottom

If the garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, then most likely, you will need to replace the entire unit. A leak on the bottom usually indicates that one or more seals on the interior is broken, causing water to seep through the shell and leak out from the bottom.

Fixing a garbage disposal leak can be difficult and time consuming, so your best bet is to hire professional plumbers from companies like Precision Plumbing. They offer professional plumbing repair services that can help you fix your garbage disposal and any other plumbing problems today.