Tuesday, May 21

How to Incorporate Mexican Thatch Roof in your Backyard Décor 

Thatching has been the craft of roofing that makes the most of dry vegetation materials inclusive of water reed, palm leaves, or straw weaved together to form a durable covering. It would be pertinent to mention here that thatched roofs date back to Europe from before the Middle Ages. However, they have been highly popular for their use in tropical climates. Rest assured that thatched roofs have been naturally weather-resistant due to the dried materials having the ability to repel moisture. The materials would not absorb large amounts of moisture. They would also stand up well against sun and wind making them a great option for backyard fixtures. 

Ideas for incorporating a thatched structure into your backyard 

Today, you would come across several thatched materials used in contemporary tiki culture décor, due to its tropical feel and appearance. The use of thatched umbrella kits would be an easy method of creating it on your own. Find below a few essential ways to incorporating Mexican Thatch Rolls in your backyard décor. 

  • Tiki Bar 

A thatched umbrella kit would be perfect for a tiki bar, as it would go with a tropical tiki culture appearance. There has been nothing better than sipping mai tais under a thatched roof. It has been deemed the next best thing to being on vacation sipping one from a resort bar. 

  • Outdoor kitchen 

You could enjoy the cool atmosphere provided by a thatched roof on your outdoor kitchen needs. It would help you stay cool while you attend to your barbeque. Moreover, they are great in appearance. A thatched palapa umbrella has been deemed great for outdoor kitchens and barbeque areas, as they create shade and enable the warm air from the grill to escape easily. 

  • Luau party 

If you were unwilling to incorporate a tropical thatched appearance as a permanent fixture to your backyard décor, rest assured that you could buy a smaller thatched umbrella kit. They would be relatively easy to install for your night’s luau. They would be easy to take down and store for another day. 

  • Pool umbrellas 

You could transform your poolside umbrellas into thatched umbrellas for creating a tropical vacation oasis. Apart from creating a feeling of an exotic vacation, thatched umbrellas would help you create a significantly cooler environment than canvas. 

Benefits of using a thatched roof 

A thatched roof would be an ideal structure for places with hot climatic conditions due to its ability to act as an insulator. The thick thatched roof would cool your house. It would save you cooling costs. It would keep the heat sealed in. 

A thatched roof has been naturally waterproof. Water reed has been used as a material for making a thatched roof. Reeds are hollow and do not absorb water. It would be recommended to layer the reeds a foot high to ensure that moisture does not penetrate your roofing. 

The lifespan for a thatched roof has been quite long when manufactured from high-grade synthetic cooling cost materials. When maintained and care for properly, a thatched roof could last for a significant length of time.