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Pick The Right Types Of Miter Saw With Help From These Miter Saw Reviews.

The miter saw is one of the most used Best Woodworking toolsout there. But, based on the project at hand, your budget, the amount of working space you have, you need to invest in the right type of miter saw. Yes, you heard that right – there are different kinds of miter saws. How will you select the right one? Lots of miter saw reviewssuggest that you don’t have to purchase the premium tools.

You can easily purchase a budget model and still get the best cutting out of it. We’ve listed out the miter saw types and the pros and cons of each.

Basic miter saws

As the name suggests, this kind of miter saw is the Best Woodworking tool but only does the basic cutting modes in an up or downward direction. You have the option of swiveling the base of the saw for changing the angle of the cut. This saw works out for all the simpler cuts that have to be made in your DIY project.

It doesn’t limit the various ways you can cut through wood planks, though. For example, if you need to get a 45-degree cut to make a picture frame, swivel the base of the saw to a 45-degree angle and then cut downwards. If you are new to handling the miter saw, you will need to practice getting this angling technique right.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Limited to up/down cutting movements
Ideal for beginners/ smaller projects/home use Less value to professional contractors/complex jobs
Lightweight, easy-control, portability Doesn’t tilt

Compound miter saw

The compound miter saw can cut in the same way that a basic miter saw can. In addition to this function, the blade can even be tilted to cut at an angle as it has a revolving vertical hinge. This is a great way to make bevel cuts and is a critical tool for creating crown molding that requires a bevel angle and a miter angle.

The saw can even handle vertical and horizontal angled cuts. Within this category, you have a single-bevel saw that only tilts over to one side. Here you have to flip over the object that needs trimming or cutting.Then you have the dual bevel saw that can be tilted to either side.

Pros Cons
Smooth, accurate cuts Creates mess
Different angle rotation Requires electricity
Completes cutting quickly

Sliding compound miter saw.

This is a variation of the compound miter saw that comes with a blade that can slide back and forth. A few miter saw reviews say that it is designed for cutting up bigger pieces of wood. The cutting capability of the basic saw and the compound saw are limited by the blade size and the wood piece’s width. A sliding compound miter saw lets you to cut through most wood widths regardless of the size of the blade. The distance of the sliding track only limits it.

Pros Cons
Sliding track system increases cutting. Expensive when compared with other miter saws
Can cut wider pieces without repositioning Requires more space to accommodate sliding motions
Ideal for compound bevel cuts and miter cuts Uses more electricity