Wednesday, April 17

Leaf Blower VS Rake: When to Use Each

Shuffling fallen leaves is part of fall landscaping. It’s really hard to avoid, which means that at some point, you’ll have to take care of the issue. However, when it comes to using a leaf blower or rake, you may be confused as to which one is best.

Well, that all depends on your particular situation. Are you curious to learn which tool wins the battle between a leaf blower vs rake? If so, just keep reading.

Using a Rake

A rake is the classic garden tool for cleaning up fallen leaves. It’s pretty much an old faithful gardening tool that gets the job done quite effectively. However, using it is very time-consuming.

Not only that, but you could say that using a rake to clean up leaves is manual labor. One of the reasons why using a leaf blower is so popular is because it doesn’t require as much work. On the other hand, rakes work really well for maintaining small spaces.

If you only have a small yard, there really isn’t a need for a leaf blower.

Furthermore, rakes are inexpensive. You’re likely going to spend quite a bit of money on a leaf blower in comparison to a rake. It’s also less expensive to upkeep. Leaf blowers require more maintenance costs, which might not be a good investment if you have a small yard.

Even if you break a rake, it’s not going to take lots of money to replace it.

Overall, we suggest sticking to a rake if you want to save some cash, and if you’re cleaning a very small yard.

A Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are a lifesaver. This is especially true if you have back problems or other physical restrictions that might prevent you from using a rake. All you have to do is point and blast, and the leaf blower will do the job for you.

This is ideal for huge yards that cover a lot of space. If you have a large landscape that’s full of leaves, chances are you’ll be out there for a couple of hours if you use a rake. But, you can bypass that and use a leaf blower instead.

The only downside to using a leaf blower is that it costs more, and it’s more expensive to maintain. Not to mention, it’s noisy. Your neighbors may not hear you raking, but they’ll definitely hear you using a leaf blower, so keep that in mind.

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Leaf Blower vs Rake: Which Will You Choose?

In this battle between a leaf blower vs rake, there isn’t an actual winner. Both do their jobs in unique ways. Obviously, using a rake takes longer, but sometimes a leaf blower isn’t needed. So, which one of these items works best for your landscaping situation?

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