Thursday, April 18

Mold Inspection and Testing is Crucial After a Flood

Floods are an obstacle that many homeowners will face. When a lot of snow melts, it rains excessively, or damage to your home allows water in, it may cause your home to flood. Homes with basements or that are near bodies of water are even more susceptible to flooding. While floods are certainly frustrating and costly, you can get your home back after most floods if you take the right steps. After you remove standing water, ventilate, dehumidify, and dry, there is still another crucial step that must be done- a mold testing nyc. Immediately following a flood or any kind of water damage, you must hire a professional for a mold inspection okc.

Mold Impacts Your Air Quality

Mold affects the quality of the air we breathe. There are many powerful links between indoor mold exposure and numerous health conditions. Mold exposure is linked to upper respiratory tract symptoms, wheezing, and coughing in healthy people, as well as asthmatic symptoms in people with asthma. Mold is a serious issue that you want to address as soon as possible to keep your family and home safe. Unfortunately, excess moisture from floods or water damage creates a prime breeding ground for mold, which is why you must have your air quality tested using a mold inspection.

Water Seeps Everywhere

Spilled water goes everywhere. Even with a thorough cleaning, you may not be able to get every drop of water from a flood. Once the water is in your home, it settles very fast and can seep into every single crack and crevice without your knowledge. Anywhere that water gets can grow mold, and mold grows and spreads very quickly. Having a mold inspection and test following a flood is the best way to prevent this issue.

You Cannot Always See It

Most homeowners understand the danger of mold, but still do not have the knowledge and experience to identify or treat it. While you have likely seen mold on food, you may not have ever seen in on a property or know the warning signs of mold infestation. Additionally, mold does not always grow where we can see it. Really bad cases may be identifiable on drywall, but oftentimes mold is hiding within walls or under carpeting where you cannot see it. Instead of waiting for people to show physical symptoms due to mold exposure, it is best to get a mold inspection and test immediately following a flood.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Safety is the number one reason mold inspection and testing is crucial after a flood. Professionals have the proper education and technology to carefully assess the conditions and spot mold before it takes over your home. Our team knows exactly what to look for, and will ensure your family has safe air to breathe. Mold inspection and testing following a flood will catch any mold before it consumes your home, and give you peace of mind. For expert mold inspection and testing, contact us HERE.