Saturday, January 28

Read This to Know About A Chain Fly Screen

Many people often call a chain fly screen, a chain door curtain too. This is a fixture that has been designed to keep flies out of the rooms. There are a series of strong, anodized links of aluminium chains that will prevent various insects to fly into the food preparation areas, while at the same time allow easy passage for all staff and also an effective air-flow.

Premier Screens Limited manufactures highly functional and yet very easily maintainable chain fly screens for doors and windows that have a modern and stylish outlook and are suitable for all business offices and homes.

To run a commercial enterprise will always come with various problems of flies and bugs. If you install a fly screen then you can control pest problems and your customers may not worry whether your shop is located near butcher’s shops or cafes and restaurants or any pubs.

Your kitchen entrances will benefit from a reduction of flies and various other flying insects that are often found inside, helping cleanliness, and also improving hygiene standards. A chain fly screen can also denote an entrance to any shop that is attracting customers to visit inside.

Mostly, these chain fly screens are made from aluminium and also sometimes stainless steel material is also used for such chain fly screens to make them more durable, long-lasting, and also easier to install. They can also be tucked away neatly while they are not in use or if you like you can also remove them completely just within a few seconds.

Comparison of metal and plastic chain fly screens

If you want to access whether to purchase a metallic fly screen or a plastic fly screen, then first consider whether that pests and insects can always fit through small openings. Once the wind will start blowing and the natural weather also comes into play then your plastic fly screens will move dramatically and will allow the passage to insects.

Metal fly screens, on the other hand, are quite robust and they will not easily move around as much because of high wind and hence can stop more insects to penetrate the barrier.

How you can fit a chain fly screen

As far as the fitting of such a fly screen is concerned, it could be much easier. All that you have to do is, just attach the mounting brackets and after that hook the chain over the fly screen. This kind of simple fitment will ensure that your curtain will stay in its place and will not come unattached when it is in use or while people passing through it.

After it is fitted the curtain can always be tied back by using a simple hook and a loop system.

What you must look for a high-quality chain fly screen

Usually, their price may differ based on where and also what material they are made from. To understand what will make a high-quality chain fly screen, while shopping, you must check the size, shape, and material used.