Saturday, May 18

Renovate your Ceilings with these new Ceiling Lights

Is your ceiling looking too boring? Are you thinking about renovating them? Well, don’t think too much and let’s do it.

Make your ceilings more attractive with stylish and new ceiling lights and give them a more aesthetic look.

Following are the different types of ceiling lights that you can consider installing:

·      Pendants

If you are looking for an elegant yet stylish modern mixture of ceiling lights then pendants are exactly your type. Room with high ceilings looks the best with these lights.

If we are to talk about their functionality, they are used mainly in dining areas, stairwells, reading corners, kitchen island or basically as task lights. You can get them installed as a single piece or in a multi-pattern style.

·      Flush lamps

Best suited for low ceiling rooms (8 ft. or lower) and are mounted right up against the walls. They are the least space-consuming and give a sleek look to the entire space.

Bathrooms, hallways or closets are the ideal spaces to get them fitted in.

·      Track Lights

Not necessarily ceiling lights but these track lights are used for walkways or in the garden areas.

For example, there are Led street lamp (โคมไฟถนน led, which is the term in Thai) that look great in the driveway and are environment-friendly. Most of the lights that are used for outside areas can be solar charged.

·      Recessed

These lights are leveled with the ceiling and hence cannot be differentiated as the rim is within the ceiling. As for the functionality, they are used for highlighting a space like a painting or an art piece. It’s similar to a spotlight and gives an aesthetic look.

Similarly like these lights, there are High Bay (โคมไฮเบย์,term in Thai) lights that are used at areas like the entrance or the main doorstep or porch areas. They highlight a spot as well but have more intensity.

·      Chandeliers

For the fancy people, chandeliers are the most perfect fit. These are used in very high ceilings. I am talking about mansion-high ceilings and they take a lot of space and maintenance.

These are just some of the ceiling lights that you can consider installing in your place. Ceiling lights come in a variety of styles and designs fit for both homes as well as commercial spaces.

You don’t need to worry about your electricity bill as they are efficient in that area as well. Some of them can be solar charged as well such as Led street lamp or High Bay lights.

So, get your aesthetic on point with these lights and don’t forget to switch off the lights when not in use.

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