Saturday, September 30

Role of a Staffing Agency for Labour Hire in Sydney.

Sydney has 117,258 working professionals in full-time and part-time employment. One or a few of them could be just what your business needs. Staffing agencies help you find your dream team in a more systematic and timely manner. Labour hire in Sydney is accomplished by staffing agencies who begin the process by curating the job description as well as endorsing candidates or businesses that meet your criteria. 

What Do These Staff Agencies Do?

It is easier said than done to hire people that are best for the given job at hand. While some might find it silly to give a hiring job to an agency, let’s map out the multi-faceted role that these staff agencies carry out. 

Hiring Made Much Easier

If you are running a startup or a small business, it makes it a bit harder to maintain an HR team that can help you track down the best possible candidates for any given position. 

A staffing agency can assist you in hiring employees in a much more efficient way. They will do all the hard work for you and shortlist the candidates that are best suited for the job. You can interview them at your will and the decision-making process of whom to hire ultimately rests on you. 

Sydney is a place that is at the cusp of having beautiful blue seas on one hand and a beautiful blend of local Aussie culture on the other. If you are pondering opening your own little restaurant or board rental for tourists to surf at Bondi Beach, pick up your phone today and make your job easier by hiring a labour-hire agency today.

Ensuring a Fluid Workforce

Apart from the core team that employers have, companies are now looking to hire temps on a contractual basis in order to further their business and save every penny. 

So, instead of hiring full-timers, many companies have started to look for an alternative. Talent searching is a gruelling process. This is why staffing agencies always come in handy at times like this. Because newer teams and fresh faces are hired on a contractual basis, it adds flexibility, mental stimulation, and dynamics to the team. 

Less Workload For The Employer

The onboarding process for new employees is a lot of work. Taxes, compliance, and health insurance are only the tip of the iceberg. A good staffing agency also takes care of all the mentioned requirements for the employer. 

In addition to this, it takes care of all the paperwork necessary in the case when the employee leaves their job with or without notice. This turns out to be a money-saving strategy when it comes to buying HR Information Software (HRIS) for the same.

The task of labour-hire in Sydney provides recruitment services in a vast array of industries ranging from construction and engineering, warehousing, and hospitality to office supporting, production, and marketing industries. 

Hire a labour-hire agent and turn your thought of opening a restaurant or cafeteria alongside some of the world-renowned brands at the Queen Victoria Building or even The Strand Arcade. 

How to Work With a Staffing Agency? 

The following are some of the pointers that you need to be mindful of before hiring a staffing agency. 

Communication Is Key

It is pivotal that there is a space where communication is unhindered between the employer and the staffing agency. As an employer, you should have a clear idea about why you are outsourcing your recruitment process to a third party. 

The reasons can be quite different from one employer to another. For some, the reason could be to draw more flexibility and responsiveness. For others, especially small business owners, the reason could be to enable a cost-saving strategy.

Ensuring the Availability of Cutting-Edge Technology 

It is imperative that the staffing agency possess all the HR tools (software) in order to optimise the hiring process. Some of the better-known software for the job at hand is Namely, BerniePortal, APS, Workday, etc. Such software aids in the entire hiring process by making it a lot faster without compromising the quality of the recruitment process. 

If you ever want to expand your sales team geographically, look no further than the financial hub in Sydney, the Sydney CBD. Your company is only as vibrant as your employees. So, hire a staffing agency, trust the process, and get ready to make your goals achievable.