Saturday, March 25

Six golden interior design rules to make the best out of your space

Interior Design reflects a person’s taste. Every interior designers in Bangalore  theme has some general golden rules that one must abide by, no matter the style. What are these rules? Let’s discover them one by one.

Define lighting elements:

Interior decorators in Bangalore  identify the light sources in the space and complement them with the right lighting elements.

 From various shapes and designs to colors, the proper lighting emphasizes your entire room, highlighting every piece of decor. Incorporate mood lighting to suit your tastes wherever possible. Use natural add-ons like candles and mirrors to make the most out of lighting.

Follow a design theme:

Choose a trending theme that you like or the one you have planned. Having a theme-based decor makes the interior design look consistent. 

Modular kitchen Bangalore  design theme will decide the furnishings, color palettes, lighting fixtures, indoor greenery, decor, and art pieces to suit your taste. Be mindful not to clutter the space with too much decor. Layering is essential, but limit it to the requirements. 


Symmetrical furniture arrangement might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes the asymmetrical placement of furniture or an odd number of furnishings draws out a better style quotient.

 For example, a statement chair is meant to be a single piece of focus, and placing it in the right space is vital for its highlight. Spacing should be given importance. Only then all your decor will look in sync as well as accentuates the overall interior design.

Choose the rugs and curtains correctly:

The size of the rug impacts the entire look of the room. Make sure the carpet you choose is neither too small nor too big. Match the colors, fabric, and pattern to go with your design theme. 

And voila! Your room gets a whole new dimension. It is interesting to see how much value a simple rug can bring in. So spending your time browsing the right carpet is wise. Curtains might seem nominal and generic, but a single wrong size messes up the view. Ensure the curtains are of the correct width and length for the windows to bring the best design effect.

Art decor:

Hang or place the right amount of art pieces. While there is no specific number, one must avoid cluttering. Design a gallery wall or corner to enhance the art you intend to showcase. Maintain eye level arrangements and identify centerpieces for the best impact. 

Add a touch of green:

Indoor plants add a breathable element to the interiors. Choose indoor plants to add a green definition and see how your room or space transforms into a new zone altogether. 

Even a random flower arrangement could brighten up the place in a snap. Ensure the greenery blends with the surroundings and does not stand out like an eyesore. 

How you define your space speaks a lot about you and your comfort zone. By overlooking these basics, one might get caught in the weak interior design trap. Are you adhering to these golden rules?