Friday, June 21

Top 8 reasons to choose Flat Cables and wires

Whenit comes to the flat cable, it plays a vital role in so many industries. This is one of the electric materials used in various purposes. There are different types of cables and wires are available in the market. However, flat cable and wires are more popular around the world. Therefore, flat cable and wire’s demand is increasing every day. 3 core cables come with lot of benefits this is why it is mostly preferred by people. Here, you can find out the reasons to choose flat cable for your project or industries.

  1. Reliability

Flat cable is made with more reliable nature. It helps to reduce the wiring errors and malfunctions when it’s paired with conductor geometry. When the conductor is properly connected with connector or board, contact assignment will be almost automatic.

  1. Weight Reduction

Flat cable can have the ability to eliminate much of the conventional wire weight. Therefore, some redundant insulating materials, fillers and tapes are not required to do such things. Additionally, submersible flat cable construction is so mechanically strong so not necessary to have large conductors for strength.  Thus, copper cross-section can be reduced to satisfy voltage drop requirements, or required to carry the current load.

  1. Space Efficiency

As previously said, redundant insulating materials, fillers and tapes are not necessary when flat cable is used. Therefore, it can be reduced the bulk physical volume of other materials. A rectangular cross-section allows submersible flat cable to stack, or layer, with almost no wasted dead space between cables. Therefore, it is providing maximum conductor density for a given volume.

  1. Flexibility

Flat cable is extremely flexible, which can be bent in any directions. Due to this flexibility, it has been utilized in many applications where high flexing is necessary such as drawers, doors, rotating arms, and etc.

  1. Greater Strength

Flat cable comes with greater strength, so it will not be broke or damaged easily. Also, the conductors and insulation equally shares tensile loads, which helps to enable the flat cable even stronger.

  1. Electrical Characteristics

Conductor spacing is fixed and the geometry of the cable is constant when it’s work along with flat cable. Therefore, it offers some electrical characteristics such as crosstalk and attenuation, impedance, capacitance,, and inductance.

  1. Greater Current Carrying Capacity

Flat cables will have greater surface-to-volume ratio than other cables, consequently having higher efficiency in heat dissipating. It can allow a higher current level to the conductor cross-section. Therefore, 3 core cables are having ability to carrying high level current for a given temperature.

  1. Easy to handle

Flat cable is more effectively packed for higher conductor density than other type of cables. As previously said, flat wire is flexible, durable, reliable, along with that easy to handle. It is does not require any insulating materials, fillers and tapes to fix it. Therefore, it is very easy to use and easy to maintain it.

Bottom line

Therefore, you might have gone this and understand the benefits of flat wires and cables. So, make use of it and buy a flat cable for your industries and projects.