Saturday, May 18

Using Words To Create Art

How will you decorate a blank wall? An option is Beyond a Word wall art where shadows, outlines, colours, gradients, and 3D effects are used on words or phrases. Text is modified or its shape changed to create personalized artwork that can be given as a gift to family and friends or used to change the vibe in your personal space.

Words that can be used as art

  • Several artists have used words in their art to make a change or to protest something they do not like. Artists Bob and Roberta Smith used “Make Art not War” on a big square painting. According to Bob, his father was a soldier in the World War who told him to make art, not war. His father’s words “Don’t hate, draw” inspired him to make anti-war word art.
  • Are you familiar with the Guerilla Girls? They are a group of female artists that uses art against racism and sexism. The group made a poster with the words “You’re Seeing Less Than Half The Picture” because they believe that art is for all people regardless of gender or colour.
  • The words “good and evil” are found in a series of artworks called Truisms. Jenny Holzer is the artist that created the series of statements in posters. She wanted people to see powerful, strange, and sometimes puzzling messages to interrupt their daily routine.
  • According to artist Martin Creed, artwork must make people feel relaxed. He used neon tubes to shape different letters. However, others see art differently. Creed’s word art reminds them of things that they worry about. That is true because art can have different meanings and effects on people.
  • To create her own type of art, photographer Gillian Wearing would ask people to write something on the piece of paper, and then she takes their photographs with their words. Her art allows us to know what people are feeling with the words they write. Words around you during your daily life can be used to create a unique artwork.

Best fonts used in word art

Most pretty fonts are in the Script category because of their playful nature and hand-drawn style. In the Sans category, the fonts are rounded and bubbly although some are rather thin and delicate. Fonts in the Serif category are not really pretty fonts but if you play with their size and shape the font can be energetic and fun.

A handwritten pretty font like Bimbo can be used for all sorts of projects. The font looks great on mugs, cards, and artwork made from words. Neaments, the script font designed by Agga Swistblnk is perfect for all creative projects that aim for an elegant design while feminine font Debby is ideal for quotes. Add a smoky effect to create a natural and warm feeling.