Friday, June 21

What Should You Understand About Bi Fold Door

A bi-fold door is a folding door that is opened after folding the panels in the middle. They are extremely flexible and compact and commonly used as external or internal room dividers, they are quite suitable.

Different materials are used for making these doors, such as uPVC, aluminum, wood etc.

This article aims to teach you how to choose the model and size and how to install your Bi fold door. You can also check out our other blog articles about various types of doors. Visit for more information about bi-fold doors such as materials and prices in Singapore.

Pvc Bi Fold Door

PVC models are the most common and widely seen version of bi fold door. Their style is common and distincitve, but despite this, it has several positive attributes. It can be used in homes, apartments or offices. However, it should be noted that this type of material is not suitable for external doors. This is important because PVC does not offer security, since it is an exceptionally light material. Therefore, use this type of door only in indoor areas and to save space.

Translucent Door

This model, which features transparent details that enhance the structure and decoration, is beautiful and versatile. It is a different, classic and sophisticated way to divide the environments.

Aluminum Bi Fold Door

Also well-known, the aluminum Bi fold door is an excellent alternative for outdoor locations. In addition to being easy to clean, it also enhances the decoration of large and small houses.

Glass Door

If your desire is for a more sophisticated and beautiful environment, a good solution is to invest in the folding glass door. In addition to adding a plus to the scene, it still adds a classic and very traditional feel to any space.

Wooden Door

A model that always welcomed for its rusticity and beauty elements is the wooden door. It offers both aesthetic benefits and functional use.It is also easy for it to mold and blend in with your interior design genre.

Ideal Size

Although the choice of the size of your door depends a lot on the installation space and door frame, most door come with a standard size.

The more conventional options are about 210 centimeters high and 60 cm wide and weighs about 4 kilograms. Of course, these measurements may vary depending on where you buy your Bi fold door. However, the disparity is generally not exceptionally large.

Why Should You Use Bi fold Doors?


A great variety of advantages are present when it comes to the Bi fold doors. As the door is available in a great variety of materials, it can fit with the interior design genre easily. Hence, its design capabilities are malleable. 

Natural Lighting

Be it a view of the garden or the outside horizon, one needs a really big window. To achieve that effect, the Bi fold doors can be good alternatives to let sufficient light come inside your room.

Low Threshold

As these doors have low thresholds, they can easily make the interior space mixed with the exterior spaces. All you need to do is to consider the possibilities of rain penetration and security.