Wednesday, June 7

When Did You Last Clean These Places In Your Home?

Even if you think that your home is spotless, there will always be a few areas that get missed, and because they get missed so often, germs and bacteria can breed there and make them some of the dirtiest areas of your home:

Ceiling fans:

High up, difficult to reach and awkward to clean, ceiling fans are often forgotten about or skipped during house cleaning routines. However, dust and other dirt can quickly build up on them so it’s important to make the effort to clean them at least once a month. 

Toilet handles:

With the average person flushing the toilet before they wash their hands, the handle can be one of the most germiest places in your home. Clean it every other day with bleach or another powerful disinfectant to avoid the spread of germs.


Green plants are often recommended for their ability to improve the air quality in homes, but if the leaves are covered in a layer of dust, they won’t be able to photosynthesise as effectively. Wiping the leaves regularly with a damp cloth is a good idea, but don’t use any toxic cleaning solutions.

The interior of the microwave:

Even if no food has exploded inside your microwave, there will inevitably be a layer of grease and grime inside it and this can taint any other food items that you place inside it, not to mention look unsightly. Simply place a microwave-safe bowl of water inside, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and heat it up for 5 minutes. As your microwave steams up, you’ll find that you once the 

time is up, you’ll be able to easily wipe the grease and grime away with a damp sponge or cloth.

Your front door:

Your front door is guaranteed to be covered in dirt and dust, and even if you can’t easily see it with the naked eye, it will be there. To keep your door looking cleaner and more inviting for visitors, simply spray it once a fortnight with an all-purpose cleaner (or mixture of water and vinegar for a natural cleaner) and wipe it away with a cloth. In bad weather you may need to clean it more often, particularly if it isn’t protected by a porch or roof. 

Couch cushions:

These cushions get a lot of wear and tear, so vacuum fabric cushions at least once a month to get rid of any dust or debris that might be embedded in them, and for small stains, spot clean them with a gentle cleaning solution designed for the purpose. If your couch cushions are large and particularly grubby, you might want to hire a steam cleaner to get them hygienically clean. 

If you need help tackling areas of your home that haven’t seen a duster, cloth or vacuum cleaner in months (if not years!), why not call up a professional cleaning company and get them to come in and blitz every nook and cranny?