Saturday, September 30

When To Call Emergency Plumber Toronto

emergency plumber Toronto

Unfortunately, not all plumbing problems occur when you expect, and fixing them won’t be easy, especially during non-office time. Failing to fix plumbing problems in time will amount to terrible damages that may cost thousands to fix. However, not all plumbing problems qualify to be called emergency plumbing; that’s why before contacting an emergency plumber Toronto, you should assess the nature of your situation and determine if you can fix it in time. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a professional emergency plumber. On the other hand, not all plumbing service providers offer 24/7 service all year round; that’s why we suggest that you hire only companies that can raise the occasion when urgently needed. Below are the plumbing problems that qualify as an emergency


The sign of flooding in your home implies an emergency, and you need to take measures before it worsens. One of the disadvantages of flooding is destroying property and even your structure. Furthermore, It can increase water bills, thus causing a financial crisis. Gushing water is a severe symptom of burst pipes or leaking pipes. 

During cold seasons, water pipes may freeze and thus cause cracks in your pipes. But when you call an emergency plumber Toronto in time, they’ll be able to fix the root cause of flooding and advise you on the appropriate measures to prevent future damages. Therefore, please treat it like a plumbing emergency anytime you notice flooding in your home.

Blocked toilet

This is one of the plumbing problems that affect many homes, and its outcome could be distressing. Indeed it’s one of the major plumbing emergencies that need immediate attention. A blocked toilet can risk your health and even destroy your lovely home. Imagine that frustrating smell from a blocked toilet perforating across your home, and it won’t create a conducive environment. 

Suppose you’ve got only one bathroom in your compound; it may take longer to get it fixed, and it will inconvenience your family members. However, the blocked toilet may be a slight problem that can be fixed with a plunger, but if not, then you know it’s time you call your emergency plumbing contractor.

Overflowing toilet

This is also one of the surefire emergencies that need immediate attention. It’s capable of causing property damage as well as posing a health risk. The stench smell from the overflowing toilets is much of a threat to your environment and your plumbing equipment. 

Overflowing or backing can also occur on your property. In that case, you need to get on your phone and call your emergency plumber Toronto. But before then, we encourage you to wear your rugged clothes and try soaking the water that spills over your toilet to control the situation.

No water

Nothing is more frustrating than when you go to the shower, turn on the knob, and no water comes out. This may be a problem arising from your water supply system, and you may need to make a call to ascertain the situation. Furthermore, you need to check your neighbours if they have a water supply. 

Only then can you narrow it down to get to the specific cause of your problem. But because the water supply is necessary for every home, it’s therefore ideal that you contact your emergency plumber Toronto to fix the problem. 

Taps fail to turn off

Failing taps is among the plumbing problems categorized as an emergency and need to be attended to as soon as possible. If you try turning off your faucet and it fails in the process, there is a high risk that your home will flood and cause terrible property damage. However, you must control this situation fast enough.


We have mentioned the significant types of plumbing problems t6hat are categorized under emergency scenarios. So, every time you face any of them, it’s critical that you contact your emergency plumber Toronto to minimize damages.