Friday, June 14

Which is better sliding glass door or French doors? 

It could be challenging choosing between sliding glass doors and French doors when planning a door replacement or installation project for your deck or patio. However, at the end of reading this write-up, you will be able to make an informed decision and install the appropriate door for your patio or deck.

Windows and doors companies have a large inventory of doors based on different designs, styles, and materials. However, what makes one type of door better than the other depends on various factors in relation to the user’s preferences or needs. Regardless, read further to have adequate helpful information that you need.

  1. Configuration

French doors are hinged on the side to the doorframe. They are either inswing or outswing, depending on the available space. The sliding glass doors do not swing but slide on the track made for them, making them require little space.

  1. Space

French doors require adequate space to swing open unlike sliding glass doors that move from side to side, instead of opening into the space. If you have a small space, sliding glass doors will be more suitable to install because they will not interfere with the available space that can be used for furniture placement.

  1. Designs 

French doors and sliding glass doors come in different options, which are readily available at reputable windows and doors companies. The designs of both types of doors allow natural light into your space and offer unobstructed outdoor views. However, each type is more suitable for a type of home architecture than the other. For instance, French doors are most suitable for older homes while sliding glass doors are more appropriate for modern houses.

  1. Convenience

The mode of operating both doors are different. Sliding glass doors are more convenient to operate than French doors. You only have to glide the sliding glass doors through the track to walk through them, but you must swing the French doors to open them. Your space can help determine the perfect choice as you need to consider the space threshold required.

  1. Ventilation

French doors provide more ventilation than the sliding glass doors because you can swing both French doors open wide while only one part of a sliding door can be properly opened due to the design.


To choose your preferred type of doors, check the inventories of the windows and doors companies close to you. You will be able to find suitable configurations, color, and materials. However, keep in mind that the chosen door must resonate with your home architecture.