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4 Types of House Framing Explained
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4 Types of House Framing Explained

Are you planning to construct a house? Of the many things to choose from, the type of house framing is one of the most essential choices that anyone who is constructing their home makes.  In the construction industry, house framing refers to fitting pieces together to form a structure or shape.  In layman terms, the framework resembles the skeleton of a house. It is the structure around which a building is built. Homeowners can choose from several types of framing materials based on their goals. There are various framing materials including wood, steel, and concrete to choose from. Besides the materials, framing can be broadly classified as: Heavy framing - Timber framing uses heavy beams of timber, whereas large buildings and skyscrapers are built with heavy steel framing. ...
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How To Buy Property In Thailand 

For a long time now, Thailand Real Estate has provided investors with attractive, secure and stable ROI that exceeds 10% per annum. Land values have increased by as much as 300% over the past decade. Property owners are guaranteed a stable income because the average rental returns is 5% a year with 7% easily achievable.   Advantages of buying a property in Thailand Property investors can take advantage of Thailand’s low property transaction costs. Transfer taxes are very low at 1.1% up to a maximum of 6.3%. In Singapore, an additional 15% stamp duty is levied on foreign property buyers. In Hong Kong stamp duties for foreign buyers is 30%. In Taipei, a punitive divestment gains tax of 45% was announced last year. Other countries like Australia and the United States are also increa...