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Day: January 16, 2021

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Why Use Exterior Wooden Cladding Panels?

In construction and designing, cladding indicates covering one material with other replacement material to visually appealing and practical purposes. Exterior wood cladding panels work as a protection shield for the building from external elements, including harsh weather conditions. It may be made up of wood, plastic, stone, brick or metal. These wooden cladding panels are always stand with time. Here is the list of advantages which can be offered by wooden cladding panels: Low maintenance cost and easy installation: In comparison to painting, external wooding panels are demanding very fewer maintenance charges. Just regular washing of cladding panels is enough to make its aesthetic look—wooden panels offering longevity and durability with easy installation and replacement. ...
Home Improvement

When and why should you install rubber tile?

Rubber tiles are one of the most durable options of flooring. Rubber tiles provide an easy solution for many of your flooring needs. It has got many advantages as well, such as it is easy-to-clean, environmentally-friendly (the modern options in the market). These types of tiles are mainly used in gyms that have click lock rubber tile (กระเบื้อง ยาง click lock, which is the term in Thai) and homes that have rubber tile with a herringbone pattern, garages, storages, etc. These types of tiles are mainly made with three types of rubbers- Synthetic rubber, Natural rubber, and recycled rubber. When should you install rubber tiles? We come to witness the use of rubber tiles at places like gyms where we go to work out every day. There we observe click lock rubber tiles. This type of rubber...