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Day: September 20, 2021

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Why You Need Garage Floor Coatings

In 2017, 63 percent of housing units had garages or carports. A garage can be the perfect place to store your vehicles safely out of the elements. It can also provide additional protection against threats when getting out of your car late at night. However, garage flooring can quickly look old and dirty from extensive use. Not only do you need to worry about foot traffic, but also the excessive weight of vehicles. There's an easy, inexpensive way to help your garage flooring look new again. Continue reading to learn the benefits of garage floor coatings. Coatings Prevent Dust Buildup Around 20 million people are allergic to dust mites. Symptoms of dust allergies include sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, headaches, and a general feeling of malaise after contact with them. Did you kno...
Home Improvement

Cleaning Technique of Crystal Chandelier to Maintain the Everlasting Shine

Chandeliers are installed to enhance the beauty of the house. However, they can also appear unappealing when they are dirty. Since it is installed at a height, it is impossible to clean it regularly. Sometimes when it is not cleaned for a month or a year, it starts accumulating dust on the lights and crystals, which hides its beauty.   Whether it is an antique chandelier, modern light fixtures, fans, or bulbs, every fixture requires cleaning of dust and grime once in a while. Yes, if you have installed a heavy modern light fixture or a crystal chandelier it takes a little more effort in cleaning them. However, the fact is crystal chandeliers are more expensive than the ordinary glasses kept in the kitchen.  Nothing is pleasing than guests appreciating your sparkling chandeliers f...