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5 Must-Know Stages of Building Construction

A building construction project, no matter the scale, follows a particular process. From project conception to post-construction, even the home construction process follows it. Building construction works best when it follows this process.

The construction process follows five phases that give you an advantage in getting things done on time and under budget. These detailed steps give you a solid plan for success. Read on for the five must-know stages of building construction!

  1. Initiation

The initiation phase of building construction is all about the initial planning stages. Here, the planning team sets the goals of the project and hashes out things like building size and how many rooms they need. They also draw up the first schematics and architectural drawings for the project to get the first approvals.

The biggest challenge in this stage is making sure everyone is communicating properly. Everyone should be on the same page as the project is getting put together, otherwise, problems will crop up that otherwise wouldn’t. Make sure that all your goals are defined as well.

  1. Pre-Construction

The pre-construction phase starts once all the planning gets finalized. Once the bidding finishes and you have your contractors, you can put the rest of your team together. Now, you can set the construction site up.

Site preparation includes checks like soil testing, which is then reviewed by city planners. At this point, everything needs to be finalized. The budget, timeline, and design need to be set in stone by this point.

  1. Procurement

The procurement phase of your project is where you buy or rent all the tools and materials you need to complete your project. Your project can run into a few problems at this stage. Materials can get delayed or wrong things get ordered.

Again, communication is key at this stage. Make sure your inventory management gets checked and double-checked before moving forward. Every delay costs you more money!

  1. Construction

The construction phase is where it all comes together. Your contractors start on the project and your new building construction takes shape. Plenty of planning went into the project by this point, and now it’s time to execute.

You want to have quality inspections at regular intervals to make sure things are coming together as planned. You want to double-check the schedule, too. If the schedule isn’t working¬†well, then the contractor’s crew won’t know what to do.

  1. Post-Construction

This last phase of your building construction is where you return any equipment rentals and clean up the work site. Your project needs reviewing and the final inspections take place to ensure the project is safe and secure. You also want to make sure all your documents get filed and submitted.

Stages of Building Construction

The phases of your building construction are what keep your project on time and under budget. Following them in detail gives your project the best chance of success. Having accountability throughout the building construction project always gets the best results.

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