Sunday, May 28

6 Home Appliance Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that Americans are spending an average of $2,346 a year on furniture and appliances? That works out to a little less than $200 a month.

What if you took better care of your appliances and avoided some typical home appliance maintenance mistakes? Wouldn’t you be able to save a lot on this monthly expense? That’s why we’ve written this article below – to help you avoid these mistakes and increase the longevity of your appliances.

Let’s get started.

Check the Cords for Wear and Tear

This is a common mistake that home appliance owners make. If your cords look damaged or have signs of wear and tear, and you still keep using them, it’s a fire hazard. It can also be a death sentence for your appliance.

Use Surge Protectors

Don’t know what a surge protector is? Well, these nifty devices protect your appliances from power surges by breaking off the electrical connection and thus, avoiding all types of appliances from short-circuiting. Get several for all your appliances – it will be the best purchase of the year for you.

Yes, It’s Boring, but Read the Manual

No one ever reads the manual, and it’s understandable why. Who wants to peruse through dozens of pages of boring technical speak. But if you can wrap your head around the language and read through the manual even once, it will give you important clues on how to treat your appliances better.

Clean Your Appliances Regularly

You know that you need to clean the dryer lint before each usage. But did you know that you must clean the oven stovetop and the refrigerator regularly as well?

This will ensure that no debris piles up in them. This debris can reduce their efficiency and cause them to work harder, which in turn, cuts their longevity.

If They Have Filters, Check and Change Them When Needed

You probably have a couple or more appliances that come with filters. And maybe they are good enough to have a filter light as well. As soon as that light starts blinking red, it’s time for you to change the filter.

But too many people dilly dally about this, until their appliances start losing their youthful exuberance. Then people complain that they have a defective appliance. No, it’s not the appliance that’s defective, it’s that you haven’t given it the right tools to work with.

Always Try Repairing Home Appliances before Replacing

We live in a culture where people rush to replace appliances, not even asking the question if the damaged home appliances are repairable. It takes ten minutes or less to schedule an appliance repair appointment and it could end up that you save hundreds of dollars because of this decision to repair rather than replace.

Don’t Make These Home Appliance Maintenance Mistakes Again

Spread the word – tell everyone about these home appliance maintenance mistakes. This way, all your friends and family can save on appliance costs over their lifetime.

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