Thursday, April 18

Benefits of owning triple garage homes

 Owning a home with a triple garage has lots of benefits. Besides offering extra storage space, it also helps you fetch a good ROI especially if you sell that property in the future. Initially, the price of building three garage would be much expensive than two garages, a triple garage would be a solid investment. Lots of families out there are looking for homes with three car garages especially the ones having more than two drivers or teenage drivers.

A tripe garage house makes sense even if you do not have more than two cars. This is because the other garages can be either used as a working area or extra storage. If you’ve rented a storage space just to pile up your extra items, you’re actually paying a good amount of fees. Instead of doing that, you can use your garage as the storage unit which will not only help you to save but in the long run, it’ll help you build a bigger garage. And buyers tend to choose bigger garages for extra space and convenience.

Secondly, garages can be used for maintaining the health of your cars. This is because none of your cars will be left out in snow or rains. Keep in mind that potential buyers are fond of homes that have proper space for car parking and shelter.

A three-car garage will need a bigger driveway than a one or two-car garage. This means you can provide more space to your kids and other guests to park their cars.

How beneficial is triple car garage homes for potential buyers?

Consider the location of your house and check your neighborhoods. If most of them have triple car garages and you have two, the potential buyers will not buy your house. On the contrary, if most of the houses have a two-car garage but you have three, it’s an additional advantage for the prospective buyers.

When a buyer decides to purchase a property, he/she takes several factors into consideration. In this regard, if a buyer is confused between two similar properties, the deciding factor would be the number of car garages. Buyers looking for bigger space will likely buy the property having three-car garages. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to have a triple garage house. It is just a bonus for you as a seller as well as for the buyers.