Tuesday, May 21

Guide To Choosing A Carpet For Your Living Room

You are in the middle of a home makeover and are now faced with a crucial part—the carpet that is going to be fitted in the living room. You are going to want a carpet that is affordable, long-lasting, and stands the test of time relating to fashion. This can be a bit of a headache, as choosing a carpet is not part of many people’s natural repertoire of skills!

So, how do you go about finding such a carpet? Read on for a quick guide.

The Fiber

When looking at Balham carpets, you will need to consider the fiber. This will impact on both how the carpet looks and its durability. Nylon is the most commonly used type of fiber because it is affordable, stain-resistant, and long-wearing—while also being soft. 


This can be tricky, as most people do not live in a climate that is hot or cold all of the time. Therefore, you will want a carpet that is just the right thickness but not so thin that it wears down easily. This means that you will need to look at the “pile” of the carpet, which is the bit that your feet will touch that is attached to the underlay. The deeper the pile, the thicker the carpet and the more insulating it will be.


Not seemingly as important, but there is a reason why some people’s homes may look off! When you are choosing a carpet for your living room, look at the walls. If they are a neutral color, you can opt for carpets that may be a bit brighter. But, if you have already painted your walls blue, for example, you will likely want a carpet that is going to be a more neutral hue, especially if you want to keep everything looking modern. Of course, if you want bright orange carpets and blue walls, that is up to you!


There is little to no point investing in a carpet that is going to tear or become damaged within the first few weeks of it being installed in your home. How do you test for this if you are shopping in a carpet store? Look at the carpet samples and attempt to bend them back on themselves. If the backing of the carpet is visible, the carpet is of lower quality. How do you do this if you are shopping online? There is a measurement called face weight, and, in short, you will want a face weight of between 34-40 for a very durable carpet.


Unless you can afford to spend a small fortune cleaning the carpet in your living room, you will probably be looking for a carpet that is simple to clean and requires minimal maintenance. This is especially true in the living room, as this area has a lot of foot traffic. So, it may be worth buying a carpet that has a lifetime stain warranty. This will mean that if anything is spilled onto the carpet, you may be able to have it replaced. Just be sure to check exactly what is included in the stain warranty, as some exclude accidents involving bleach or that are pet-based!