Monday, June 24

What is the Best Design for Your Care Home’s Interior?

A care home’s interior design is very important. It shapes how your workers view their workplace, how comfortable your residents are and how happy the families of your residents are. For that reason, you need to make sure you are putting the time and effort into making everything look good, as well as practical and comfortable for your residents. This can potentially save you money and make your care home more hygienic – provided you get some key things right. 

#1 Start with the Furniture

You’ll need to prioritize getting furniture that is comfortable, practical, affordable, and high quality. You will find, for instance, that items like low profile beds can suit the needs and care requirements of your residents, as well as enable your nurses to provide better care. If you invest in high-quality furniture instead of just going for the cheapest option, you might find that they are more robust and will last for longer without breaking. Finding the right supplier is key here – ideally partnering with one that can be a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

#2 Opt for Neutral Walls

Another good step is to paint the walls in neutral, non-offensive colors that can help keep everything in muted tones. You should consider hanging up paintings and artworks to break up the space, (after all you want the place to look like a home and not a hospital) and give your residents something different to look at. It can help them have things they can use as a reference point too, so they know where they are in the home, if they tend to become a little confused. 

#3 Curtains and Blinds

You should also consider your use of curtains and blinds, as these help control the amount of light in a room and its temperature. Curtains, for example, can help insulate in winter, keep residents’ privacy, and can also be a good way to help you block out light entirely. On the other hand, blinds can be a good way to help you directly control the amount of light entering a room, and allows for better air ventilation, especially in summer. 

#4 Picking the Right Flooring is Vital 

You will find that using carpet, although comfortable and relatively cheap, can be difficult to clean and is likely to start looking untidy quite quickly. Rugs can be a trip hazard and might also be a struggle to keep clean. A better solution here might be hard flooring, as it can be a kept clean and is more likely to last a long time. However, if a resident does have a fall, you should be aware that hard flooring can be far from ideal. 

Wrapping Everything Up

The interior of a care home is important, and there are a lot of things to consider. You might struggle to find practical and affordable solutions that look good too. It can be a struggle to figure out exactly what you need, so by thinking about the factors like furniture, flooring, décor and how you control the amount of natural light, you can put yourself on the right path to make the best decisions possible.