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Choosing a professional office cleaning service on a commercial basis is not an easy task. Maintenance managers who are responsible for overseeing cleanliness and the health of the building are well aware of the finding commercial cleaning agency is not simple as it sounds. The structure of the facility dictates the type of service to be obtained. The way any facility appears plays a key role in ensuring success to the business, be it a supermarket, a retail store, or a hospital. Dirty appearance makes a bad impression. Cleaning is an $80 billion dollar industry; there are various office cleaning services Perth; some have decided to franchise. There are small, medium-sized, and large agencies, each having their own menu of the services they are offering. Let us look at the things, which you ought to look for when making a decision.

First, the type of facility and its size. The kind of business practiced with the coverage of the facility helps in narrowing down to the commercial cleaning service to search for. Are there multiple locations to be cleaned? The next step is deciding the type of service you want to be used, the nature of the surface to be cleaned, and the frequency you need. Lastly, make your budget. Once the checklist is out to start the interview process, chat down all the questions you will be asking.

For the medium-size to large facilities, areas to be cleaned are many and the types of areas to be cleaned are different. Be it a supermarket, retail shop, hospital, warehouse, or school; there are floors to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. However, what is the nature of the surface? Is it carpet, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete? Keen not to forget the windows. When cleaning a supermarket, you might need departmental cleaning, for example, meeting rooms, deli and hot foods, bakery, etc.  If it is a hospital or school, they have their own gauging level of “cleanliness,” there are strict rules and regulations as well as the procedures to be adhered to. Choosing on commercial office cleaning services Perth with a diverse menu is the best choice. Add to the checklist commercial cleaning service franchise since this tends to offer services you might probably need; they can offer the service in multiple locations when you need it.


  • What is their area of specialization in the cleaning service they offer?
  • Can they serve multiple locations when needed? Franchise company or not?
  • Do they have a well-trained service provider who can be hired to accomplish the task in a professional way?
  • They hold experience of how long?
  • What cleaning products are they using? Why choose that?
  • What kind of clients are they currently working for? Have they worked before with facilities like yours?
  • Is reference available? Reputable commercial cleaning agencies should be able to give you not less than three references from recent clients. This also serves in knowing how the company is confident with the service they are offering.

Choose well-rounded office cleaning services Perth Company, which has been able to keep track of the service they are providing and thus retaining higher records of their customers. Remember, you do not have to be repeating the procedural hiring process, which also tends to consume a lot of time. After getting answers from the question above from each client, review them carefully, and make your list, narrow as much as possible. Before making any final decision on the type of company, you will work with; there are additional items that are key in the decision-making process.


Does the potential company have liability insurance? Is it in a good position to protect you from any liability arising from cleaning? Do they have workers’ compensation cover? Most countries will require this. Do not listen to their word of just saying that they have an insurance cover since the majority of the companies are known to carry minimal to no insurance. Ask the insurance certificate copy.


Does a thorough investigation before you hire any professional company so that you can know what they plan to utilize on the different surfaces. Agencies without experience most probably have wrong products or the right products but improperly placed. This can bring permanent stain or damage to your property.


This comprehensive list states the service performed on each cleaning. Also called the work order and should be signed by the management of the commercial cleaning contractor to forward the billing. Service provided to satisfaction is the only one paid.


Enquire for the pricing structure not only for the required services but also incidental services that might be arising when the contractor is working. Reputable agencies know their budgets, and they will understand what you need with just an idea.

Lastly, know their policies, see the policies of the company on the types of payment they use, cancellation of the policy, and if the guarantee is available.

Do not waste your valuable time trying to choose a commercial cleaning service to address the cleaning needs of your facility. Use the information provided in this article, and it will never again be a time-consuming task.