Wednesday, June 19

Why choose GasSafe certified plumber for your heating issues

The safety, as well as security of your life as well as house and surroundings, is of paramount importance. Thus it is hugely significant that when you have any problems with boilers, fires, cookers or other gas appliances then you must always choose to hire the services of engineer that are GasSafe certified.

What is GasSafe certification and what it means?

There is a Gas safe register in the UK that is essentially the official list or compilation of the gas businesses that have been cleared and provided the green light to work on the cookers, fires, boilers and other types of gas appliances. All the gas engineers should be registered with the GasSafe certification body and should be on the Gas Safe register. The GasSafe register conducts regular campaigns of public awareness regarding risks of illegal or unsafe gas work as well as the poisoning of carbon monoxide (CO).

To be a GasSafe certified plumber an individual must undertake a training course of ACS also called accreditation certification scheme and assessment. Then the candidate must complete an on-site portfolio of the gas work following which the candidate can obtain the CCN1 qualification. Now the candidate is eligible to be registered with the GasSafe register. It is important to hire the services of GasSafe plumber in High Wycombe because that individual has been trained extensively and comprehensively with regards to the safety measures as well as other aspects of the heating equipment. When you hire the services of a GasSafe plumber you can be assured that you have hired a qualified candidate that has all the required expertise to deal with heating problems. The safety is the biggest issue when you are dealing with heating gas equipment. The GasSafe candidates are specially trained in all the safety protocols with regards to dealing with the heating equipment and thus you should feel comfortable when a GasSafe certified engineer is at work.

Things to look for when hiring an engineer for your heating problems

If you are looking to hire an engineer for your heating issues then there are certain things and aspects that you must look out for.


As we mentioned above, the certification should one of the first and primary consideration when you are hiring an engineer for your heating problems.


The experience of the engineer that you want to hire is another consideration that’s worth looking at. A more experienced engineer who has spent years working in the industry is preferable over others.

Cost and pricing

The costs that you will incur based on the services provided by the engineer is another factor worth considering. You must compare the different engineers and their pricing before deciding on hiring one for yourself.

Customer support

The customer care or support is also a very crucial parameter that should shape your decision of hiring the engineer. A good customer support system that communicates transparently and swiftly regarding all your heating issue queries is great and should be preferred.