Tuesday, May 21

How to Live Through Renovating Your Kitchen in Bristol

No matter where you live, renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking. Not only will you probably be putting in new countertops, sinks, ranges, and other assorted appliances, but you will also be largely dependent on the speed at which plumbers, electricians and other contractors are able to work. Once you have all that lined up, you’ll need the following advice on living through that time between the commencement of work and its completion.

Move Perishables Out of the Kitchen

Even if you aren’t going to replace your refrigerator or freezer, those appliances should be moved out of the kitchen, perhaps to the garage if you have one or a covered patio. Not only will the power be off in the kitchen for much of the time the electrician is working, but you will surely get in the way of workers if you need to get something out to eat or drink. Also, try to keep as few things as possible that need to be kept cold because you may experience times when the electricity is turned off during the renovation. This brings us to the next bit of advice.

Plan for Periodic Power Outages

Sometimes the layout of your ‘new’ kitchen will have appliances located in different places. This will mean that the electrician will need to do a bit of major rewiring. During that time, you may be without power for a few hours or more. Even if you have countertop appliances like microwaves you could cook in, you can’t without electricity so this would be the ideal time to order an Indian takeaway in Bristol

You’ve been dying for some spicy curry anyway, so why not take advantage of this time without electricity to feast on something you’ve been wanting? You might not need to have power shut off to the entire home, but if you do, there’s something entirely romantic about eating in candlelight. Just remember to have all your mobile devices and powerpacks charged before the electrician flips the switch!

Spending a Few Days Out of the Home

If you have anyone in the family that has allergies to dust and dust mites, you may want to stay with a family member or at a hotel while the sawing and grinding is being done. Even if you’ve covered all the nearby furniture that can be affected by all that flying dust, you will still be breathing it in. 

When returning home, if the dust is still somewhat evident in the air, take out some of those N95 masks you bought during the height of covid. They will help until the dust settles and you’ve vacuumed up any that’s you can find on furniture, window treatments and the floors. You may not be able to get into the kitchen just yet, but you can keep most of the dust out of other rooms.

It’s a Wrap!

As they say in the filmmaking industry, when the last actor has left the stage, it’s traditional to hear the director call out “It’s a wrap!” Even though they may no longer do that, it is a feeling you get when the kitchen is complete, and the last contractor has left your home. Now it’s time to enjoy that kitchen, but who wants to mess it up anyway? Maybe it’s time for another night of takeaway curry while you sit there enjoying the beauty you will soon need to mess a bit. However, that can wait until tomorrow, can’t it?