Monday, May 27

How To Pick Your Decor Style For Your New Area Rug

Did you know that home furnishing sales have increased by 7.2% month over month this year? Many consumers are buying new furniture and this trend shows no signs of stopping. And more and more people are turning to online sites for sofas, tables, rugs, etc.

Are you looking for a new area rug and just can’t settle on a decor style? Now is the perfect time to learn more about your options. Check out these tips to help you find your true style!

Consider Size

The first step in picking a style is to figure out how much space you have in your home for the rug. Measure the area first so that you can select the right size area rug for the room. Knowing the size will also help you consider what color, pattern, and style works best in that room.

Choose a Color

Next, take a look at the color scheme of the walls and your existing furniture. Unless you are starting from scratch and replacing all of your furniture and painting the walls, it’s important to think about matching the rug to these. For example, see if the room is full of cool tones or warm tones and pick a color that works with that scheme.

Explore Patterns

When thinking about rugs, you don’t have to go with a solid color unless your existing decor is very busy looking. If you don’t have a lot of prints or patterns in that room, it can add interest to your design. You can opt for a transitional style or a classic print like stripes or florals.

Select a Material

It’s no secret that rugs come in many different kinds of materials, but it’s key to find the kind that works for you and your household. While silk is beautiful, it may not stand up in a high-traffic area with kids. Also consider that a traditional style Oriental rug may contain wool, which could be challenging for those with wool allergies.

Pick a Decor Style

Finally, it’s time to do your homework and research different rugs styles to see what works with your furnishings. You may need a modern style or something more classic like a European or Persian style. If you want to look at these, you can find some great examples of decorative rugs at places like¬†¬†online.

Find the Perfect Rug

Now that you’ve learned how to select a decor style for a rug, you can proceed with confidence. If you want advice, you might also consider asking trusted friends and family members for their opinion on what kind of rug works best in your home. They may have a more objective opinion and be able to offer you good suggestions.

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