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How to Remove Attic Installation Safely?

Remove Attic Installation Safely

Depending on the time of year, your attic can be very chilly or a very hot environment without appropriate attic insulation. Because this problem can have an impact on your home’s overall energy efficiency, it’s important to start your attic insulation procedures early. While removing the attic insulation takes many things to do precisely, for professional help, you can check Seattle attic clean out.

Attic installation removing initial requirements

You are well aware that removing attic insulation isn’t a simple task. And for that reason, whenever it’s time to remove attic insulations, the following things should be kept in mind-

Safety measure

Before you begin, ensure you have the proper safety clothing, eyewear, and a decent mask or ventilator. Be aware that blown-in insulation is more difficult to manage than other types. So put special attention. Bellow, we put the checklist for safety equipment-

Gloves: During attic removal, your hands require to handle various tools and substances. Gloves protect your hands from harmful things. We suggest rubber-coated gloves, as they are ideal for these tasks.

Insulator: Dust and molds are common to deal with in attic insulation removal. So, it’s important that you protect your lungs from any potential dust or molds. For that, make sure you have a decent mask or respirator before you start. It is suggested to use at least a 95-rated mask.

Goggles:  With all the tough tasks to handle, you need to ensure your eye safety. So, wear a good pair of anti-fog goggles or other eye protection before you start.

Clothes: When it comes to clothes, a good pair of coveralls will keep your skin safe from irritation and pollution. A hard hat might also be useful to protect your head if you accidentally hit any corner.

Torch: To clearly see what you’re doing, you’ll need a flashlight. Using a headlamp is a better option as it will free up your hands.


After you have all your safety gear and you are ready to do the job safely, let’s check the exact equipment and supplies you’ll need for removing attic insulation.

  • A high-quality commercial grade, HEPA-filter rated vacuum is necessary to do the task quickly (Shop-Vac 50). You can buy or rent one from an equipment rental facility.
  • A ladder is necessary to go into the attic.
  • Use a large sealable waste bag to contain the waste. If you have blown-in insulation, you’ll need rakes and dustpans as well.
  • Tape and plastic sheeting will also be necessary to cover the floor and wall.

How to remove attic insulation?

When you have everything in your hand, it’s time to remove attic insulation properly. The procedure will differ depending on the sort of insulation you’re seeking to remove. We’ll go over each technique step by step.

Removing cellulose insulation

To make retrieval easier, place all the equipment near your garage. Make sure there’s enough room between your attic entry and your front door. Cover anything in that way with protective material to

Next, Install a ladder in the attic. Install your professional vacuum and run the line from your house up into the attic. Inside your attic, keep a HEPA-filtered shop-vac, dustpans, rakes, and garbage bags.

Before starting, take your safety equipment on and inspect the commercial vacuum when you turn it on. Go into the attic once the vacuum is turned on and start vacuuming the insulation. Collect the insulation with your rake and place it in the dustpan and finally, store it in the dust bags.

Make sure you take a 15- to 20-minute rest to allow your body to cool down. Clean up any residual insulation with the Shop-Vac. Repeat the procedure until you’ve removed all of the old insulation from your attic.

Removing fiberglass batt insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation requires essentially the same procedures. However, when working with batt insulation, you won’t need any rakes or dustbins to gather the insulation.

Like the previous one, once you’ve protected your home with wall and floor coverings, you place the necessary equipment. Next, start removing the insulation and place the insulation into waste bags as needed. You’ll clean the floor with the commercial vacuum and Shop-Vac at this point.

Fiberglass insulation removal can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. So, again make sure you take a 15- to 20-minute rest as needed.