Monday, June 24

Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Decent water pressure is something you tend to take for granted right up until it disappears. When your water pressure drops and you’re left in a supremely unsatisfying shower, you start appreciating that good water pressure you had a lot more. But what’s causing the low water pressure, and how can you get your precious showers back to normal? There are a number of potential causes. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Partially Closed Valves

If you’ve fidgeted with your house’s main shutoff valve or your water meter valve recently, it could be that the valve wasn’t fully reopened again when you turned the water back on. Check both of these valves to make sure they’re in a fully opened position. This will ensure a steady flow of water into your home.

Failing Pressure Regulator

Not all homes have pressure regulators, so if you don’t, you can skip this section. If you do have one, you’ll need to test it to see if it’s still working properly. Attach a water pressure gauge to an outside spigot as close to the pressure regulator as you can. If you turn on the spigot and the gauge gives you a lower pressure reading than what’s reported on the regulator, then the regulator is not working properly. This means it’s cutting down on your water pressure when it thinks it’s delivering the correct pressure level. Simply replacing your pressure regulator will fix this.

Clogged Pipes

You might think of clogs as a problem that only happens in your drain pipes, but they can happen in your supply lines too. They’re most likely to occur in underground water mains that carry water into your home. Tree roots can sometimes invade these pipes, cracking and clogging them up, and thereby reducing your water pressure. You’ll want to have a professional check these pipes and snake them out to remove any clogs and invasive roots.

Leaking Pipes

As mentioned above, tree roots can sometimes push their way into water supply lines, which can lead to leaks. But other pipes that bring your water into your home can develop leaks as well. Corrosion, vibration, and a number of other factors can cause pipes to crack or joints to loosen. If you have a leak in your pipe, it can reduce your water pressure.

If you think a leak causes your low water pressure in an underground line or other pipe in your home, contact a leak detection service in Sacramento to pinpoint the exact location and fix the problem so you can get your water pressure back.