Tuesday, May 21

Signs That You Need to Change Your Roof

Without fail, a roof may eventually age naturally to the point where it no longer serves its purpose. You may be performing preventive maintenance on your home because the roof appears old and worn. Yet, ignoring a roof replacement could lead to more serious issues in the future.

Roofs are exposed to harsh elements all year long. This vital barrier suffers damage from the scorching sun, howling winds, freezing cold, and pelting rain. Even though some roofs have a 25-year lifespan, shingles inevitably deteriorate, age, shatter, tear, or just fall apart.

From the ground, it might be challenging to assess how bad things are. A good roofing company in Montreal can help you to replace your roof. There are signs that can tell you when you need to change your roof. These include:


Typically, the standard lifespan of a roof shingle is 25 years if installed properly. If the shingles, however, were added on top of an existing layer of shingles, the shingles may not survive as long. These installations often last twenty years.

Missing Shingles

When the shingles go missing it is never a good sign. This happens when the bottom’s glue starts to separate from the course underneath and the shingle itself begins to deteriorate. At that juncture, a shingle can easily come off with the slightest wind gust. Improper installation may sometimes be the root of one or two missing shingles. The roof might be back in great shape following a very swift repair.

Granules in the Gutter

This is one visible indicator as you could find shingle granules in the gutters and downspouts. It means the roof is shedding a lot of granules and may have reached the end of its normal lifespan. That should never be overlooked.

Saggy Roof

A roof replacement is in order if you discover a roof that has become saggy or is sinking. Delay in replacing a saggy roof could cause further danger to the home. If you do a proper check of the surface of the roof, look out for signs of trapped moisture, crumbling boards, etc,

Your Neighbours are Changing Theirs

If you observe that your neighbors are having roof replacements done, it may be time to follow suit. This happens especially if you all built your houses at about the same time. It means it is your cue to get a roof replacement done as well.

Unwanted Houseplants

Moss on a roof is a recipe for disaster even though it looks great in a shaded area of your environment. Moss, mold, and fungi are signs of possible moisture buildup, which can make a roof go bad. Although, it may only need a thorough cleaning. However, with a combined effort from other signs, it may indicate a roof gone bad.


In actual fact, people rarely give much thought to the roof of their house until they notice a notable leak. This should not be the case. The signs mentioned above are indicators that your roof needs replacement. They are indicators that should never be overlooked otherwise, your home may be in grave danger.