Monday, June 24

Some Lesser Known Facts About Pest Control in Schertz, TX

It is a widespread issue to come across pest infestations. With the many myths associated with pest control in Schertz, TXlet us try and help clear some of them:

  • Myth- They can’t be seen.
  • Realty- This is not true. Most pests are large enough to be seen, but the small cracks and folds that most pests make in homes are hard to detect. 
  • Myth- Pests live in dirty places.
  • Realty- Pests are not attracted to dirt and grime but tend to avoid light as much as possible. Most hiding places are found in clusters that do not make for easy and thorough cleaning.
  • Myth- They could transmit disease.
  • Realty- There is no concrete proof that pests have transmitted infections. The pests are a nuisance with the itching.  
  • Myth- The pests do not come into the light. 
  • Realty- Although the pests prefer darkness, keeping the lights on does not deter their activities.  

In case bug activity is noticed, whether it be the adult pests or the young insect, it would be advisable to do the following to keep them from spreading:

  • Clean and dry clothing, curtains, and bedding at the highest temperature possible.  
  • Mattresses must be scrubbed with a dry brush and left out in the sun for sufficient time.
  • Vacuum out the bed and nearby areas with a powerful cleaner to remove any adult and larvae of the pests. 

Prevent Future Infestations

Getting rid of pests is just a part of the job, the hard part is keeping these areas free from invasive pests. Elucidated down below are some common steps that have been known to keep the pests away:

  • Check often the possible folds and cracks for any bug activity. This will help in noticing the very early signs of infestations. 
  • Use a strong vacuum cleaner to clean the most probable areas that could harbor pests, this helps prevent the occurrences of pests. 
  • If second-hand furniture or bedding is being purchased, make sure that all precautions that need to be adopted are followed to prevent a bug infestation.  
  • Keep the rooms and spaces clutter and litter-free. This would make it all the more difficult for pests to find a home. 
  • Repair cracks and tears in wallpapers, these are good hiding places for the pests.  


These widespread steps, if adopted diligently, do ensure clean and pest-free living spaces all the time. Most infestations can be detected quite early, and suitable action is taken to prevent aggravation.