Wednesday, June 19

The Hard Benefits of Metal Roof Coating

Studies show metal roofs can elevate indoor temperatures above human comfort levels during the daytime in hot climates.

That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the excellent aesthetic and durable qualities of a metal roof, though. Metal roofing coatings albuquerque nm provides a simple and effective solution to the overheating associated with these types of roofs.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of metal roof coating.

What Is Roof Coating?

A metal roof coating is a type of paint that shields your roof from the sun’s rays and keeps your building’s interiors cool. You can apply it to your roof during construction or years after installation to enjoy these benefits.

These are the main types of metal roof coating available nowadays:

  • Plastisols for industrial applications
  • Formulation-specific Polyester and resins
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resins for high durability
  • FEVE resins with low permeability
  • Economical silicone-modified polyester (SMP)

A roofing and waterproofing expert will help you find the best solution for your metal roof.

Metal Roof Coating Saves You Money

A coating for your roof turns it into a cool roof. That means you can benefit from a tax incentive of 10% of the cost of your roof.

You’ll also save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills when you apply a metal roof coating. This substance effectively repels the sun’s rays, so your interiors stay cooler.

Cooler interiors mean less work for your air conditioner, and lower bills related to cooling costs.

What’s more, these tough coatings rarely need any maintenance or repairs, helping reduce your costs in this area, too.

Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof From the Sun’s Rays

The sun’s rays can cause enormous damage to a roof. The average roof takes a beating from the sun every day.

Metal roofs are highly resistant to cracking and blistering associated with exposure to heat and UV light. Yet, these factors will cause your roof to fade over time and age quicker.

A roof coating creates a protective layer against the ravages of the sun’s energy, so your metal roof looks great and performs at its best for longer.

Environmental Perks of Metal Roof Coatings

Any building improvement that reduces electricity consumption helps lower your carbon footprint and conserve the Earth’s atmosphere.

Since roof coatings also conserve your roof for longer, you won’t need a roof replacement for many years.

When you replace your roof, most of the old materials end up in a landfill, increasing environmental pollution. The manufacturing process for new roofs also uses energy and creates carbon emissions.

More Ways to Win With Home Improvements

Metal roof coatings provide a win-win solution for your home or business roofing needs by cutting your costs, maintenance, and carbon emissions.

The sooner you install a roof coating on your metal roof, the sooner you can reap these benefits. So, if your heating, cooling, and roof repair bills are eating into your profits, now’s the time to make this change.

Are you in search of more ways to increase your building’s energy efficiency and save yourself money? Browse our blog for some great ideas.