Monday, May 27

The Most Common DIY Roofing Malfunctions

For the past few years, more people have been relying on DIY projects that they see on the internet. Not only do these projects save you money, they can give you a certain sense of satisfaction too, knowing that you were able to build or fix something with your own hands. However, this only happens when your project is done right. Many projects do not have viable DIY solutions making the end result more horrible.

One of the projects that people seem to think is easy is roofing. While the professionals make it look easy, they are only able to do so because they have the proper equipment and necessary training to do so. Here are some of the common DIY roofing malfunctions and fails.

  • They can cause even more damage– Inspecting your roof for suspected cracks or damages is fine as long as you do not recklessly walk on it. Leave the repairs to the professionals to avoid any further damage.
  • Picking the prettiest but flimsy roofing materials– Pretty does not always mean durable. The wrong type of shingles can lead to easier fading and thus more repairs in the future.
  • Damaging your attic– Homeowners may want to cover their attic up, but keeping it ventilated is the best way to go.
  • Getting violations– Different cities and counties have different policies when it comes to roofing repairs. You can get violations if you do not have a legal permit.
  • Getting hurt– Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, and it entails a lot of climbing and heavy lifting. Professional roofing contractors are well trained and highly capable of their job.

To learn more about these negative effects, here is an infographic by Fahey Roofing & Contracting, the company you can trust with your roof repair cost.