Friday, April 12

How to Clear Overgrown Land in your Garden

The garden land is supposed to make you one with nature. Running around barefoot in your garden should be relaxing and fun. Well, whether you like stepping on garden grass or not, you still need to make it clean for it to look and feel beautiful.

Weeds, tree seedlings, shrubs, twigs, leaves, brambles, etc. may sometimes invade your garden space. In this article, we will share some tips on how you can clear an overgrown land easily:

The first thing to Know: How Bad is the Case?

Is it just some unwanted plants or the garden is entirely plunged under unwanted vegetation? This is also the stage where you ask yourself if you will be able to clean your yard yourself or you will need to hire landscaping services

After You Decide to Do it Yourself

Clear all the trash lying in your garden. This also includes waste that aren’t plants. For example, plastic bottles.

After that, you should be looking for trees and shrubs. If they are tiny, you can easily pull them out with your hands. If not, you will need to dig around the plant, understand the size of the roots, before digging further appropriately and pulling it out. You can use a brush grubber if you are finding it difficult to remove the tree by your hand.

For weed, you can use a trimmer or weed killer. After removing the weed, if it is in a flower bed, make sure you apply the soil solarization technique by covering the area with plastic and holding it with stones.

Remember, after pulling off weed and existing trees, you should grow another plant on the top of the area. This ensures that the weed or the tree will not retake the place, and the soil will remain strong in the event that you want to grow more nutrient demanding plants in the future.

As a final tip, hiring landscaping maintenance services is necessary if you want your garden always to keep its shape, but you don’t have a lot of time or knowledge about the maintenance.