Tuesday, June 6

Walk-Baths: Renovation ideas for small bathrooms

A good number of people enjoying spending quality time in their bathtub and ponder on trivial issues that took place during the day. The bathroom needs to be an interesting place and soothe the mind and body. It should offer ample opportunities, thereby enabling those who have been deprived of such simple pleasure and to have refreshing bath. If you have plans to renovate your bathroom, ensure to make it an exciting, fun-filled, safe place. The reputed Bathroom makeover Penrith company can take on the challenges of transforming the small bathroom.

Addressing issues

Small bathrooms are compact in size and hence, it becomes important to tackle issues faced by those with mobility problems. Walk-in baths can be an excellent addition to the bathroom space. It is also referred to as handicap tubs. They are excellent options to optimize available space especially in small bathrooms. The Bathroom makeover Penrith professionals will design the small bathroom in a way that the walk-in bathtubs take less space. The tub’s longest side measures about 5’ or even shorter. Although short in size, these tubs are designed to accommodate a full grown man to enter it completely and enjoy bathing.


Generally, walk-in bathos is kept on a pedestal. Usually the tub’s bottom part is placed within the pedestal through the floor. It allows easy entry/exit to bathers in the walk-in tubs. You will have the feeling of enjoying a Jacuzzi. There is a hinged door along with lock that makes it disabled-friendly. Bathers can effortlessly use the door to enter/exit the tub, thus reducing slips and falls.

However, using the tub will require a lot of patience as you need to be inside it before water is filled up. Otherwise, as the door is opened, water will spill out. Same rules apply after bathing. The Bathroom makeover Penrith expert can provide you suggestions on the same.


When walk-in tubs are concerned, you are sure to come across a variety of designs in the market. They are sure to complement your available bathroom space perfectly. Most of the walk-in tubs present are plain colored. Your bathroom space should be painted bright colors like orange or yellow. Small rooms are suggested to have bright colors as vivid colors help draw light while dispersing them all over the room. It provides the feeling of having a larger room. Moreover, it provides a sunny atmosphere within the bathroom, thus making it more appealing to the ordinary eye. The certified Bathroom makeover Penrith company can transform your small bathroom into an extraordinary one.