Saturday, May 18

What Are the Benefits of a Platform Lift?

Platform lift can be installed at home or in office buildings. It is the number one solution to all mobility issues. If you face difficulties travelling on your own from one level to another, platform lift can change everything and make it more convenient for you to travel around.

A platform lift is easy to be installed and there are many benefits to it.

Improved Accessibility

For wheelchair users, it will be extremely difficult to travel from one level to another without the help of someone else. However, when you install a platform lift at home or in your office, it will provide so much more convenient for wheelchair users and the elderly.

Furthermore, for people who need to transport heavy objects from one level to another regularly, it will be a painstaking journey to climb up and down the stairs. A platform lift will make them more efficient and lighten their workload.

Platform lifts come in different types. The one that is commonly installed in office and homes is the glass platform lift. On top of its functionality and high durability, the glass platform liftcan improve the entire aesthetic outlook of your office or house.

Therefore, you should install a platform lift in your office to assist the disabled occupants in your homes or offices.


One important benefit of a platform lift is that the risk of injury is significantly lower since there is no need for a wheelchair user to remove themselves from their wheelchair. It is a much safer and secure option as compared to a chair lift or a stairlift when transporting disabled users from level to level.

This will give the wheelchair user’s family and friends a peace of mind. Users will feel much safer and secure as compared to riding a stairlift. A glass platform lift will also require lesser maintenance.


Another benefit of a platform lift is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, it can travel up to 13 metres in height. It can also be customised according to your residential space. Installing a platform lift can easily transport users up and down a flight of stairs.

Many people prefer a glass platform lift because more than the versatility, it gives an aesthetic outlook to your office or home.

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