Wednesday, June 7

What Differentiates Top Interior Designers From The Rest

Are you thinking of renovating or buying a new house on the market? If so, then you certainly will want to procure top interior designs services in order to have your dream space created. Yet, the interior design market in Singapore is saturated with firms hungry for your business. How can you then select an appropriate interior designer? What differentiates the top interior designers from the rest of the competition?

In this article, we will be covering the characteristics that you will want to look to spot in a Singapore interior design firm. These traits are what makes them distinct from other agencies and thus puts a premium on their product.


A great interior designer should have an eye for detail. For an interior design to perform, all elements within the layout need to complement each other. While the level of difference from designer to designer is hard to explain, this is apparent when comparing 2 designers. In fact, often times while the idea and planning are solid, it is the execution down to the details that falls apart.

Some elements that an interior designer has to take note of involve the colour scheme of the space, the type of decors, the style of furnishings and so on. Importantly, these details need to be planned and incorporated with a purpose. All of these elements have an effect on the users in a space, and thus should take into account the purpose of the area and user behaviour.

Keep up to date with industry news

Excellent interior designers need to stay ahead of the competitors by updating themselves with sector details.In doing so, they will have the ability to provide their customers with the latest technology and resources accessible from the market.

Additionally, industry news would inform of them of the demand and supply of raw materials. In turn, they would be able to advise you on the likely costs of the project and possible variations in the timeline due to likely delays.

Thirdly, industry news would also carry with it the latest designs and philosophies. This would broaden their mind and allow them to value add in terms of advice.


A good interior designer have to primarily have a passion for design.When taking on any kind of job, a passionate interior designer will have plenty of passion. This will absolutely bring the correct amount of energy to stimulate everybody involved in the task.

When one is involved in the interior design industry, interest in helping people is likewise a must. The sector itself is driven by the needs and desires of people in regards to their areas, a designer must be ready to be of service to clients.