Wednesday, March 29

Why Choosing a Metal Roof Is Beneficial for Your Home

The roof of a home offers substantial protection against water damage. When a roof becomes damaged, it will no longer provide protection and can end up resulting in major expenses in repairs. When it comes time for a homeowner to have a new roof installed, they need to make sure they research the material options. There are now more roofing material selections than ever before. Metal is quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners.

Why Is Metal Such a Good Choice for Homes?

Metal roofs offer many advantages over other types of materials. One of the biggest benefits of metal is its durability. Most homeowners do not want to have to replace their roofs too often. An asphalt shingle roof is only going to last about twenty to thirty years and can begin to become damaged in a shorter amount of time. Metal roofs have been known to last over fifty years. With proper care, they can last the same lifespan as a home.

Understanding the Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are multiple benefits to having metal roofing installed. Aside from a much longer lifespan, metal roofs offer the following benefits that make them advantageous for homeowners to have installed on their homes.

  • Most homeowners do all they can to protect their homes at all times. A durable roof is one of the best ways to keep a home from becoming damaged due to rain and storms. These roofs are also protective against wildfires because they are fire-resistant. When sparks are traveling in the air, metal helps to prevent the roof from flaring up and causing a home to become encased in flames.
  • There are now more options than ever before when it comes to metal roofing. There are three major styles, including panel, standing-seam, and look-alikes. The look-alike designs allow homeowners to have the look of shaker, asphalt shingle, and even clay shingles. No longer are homeowners stuck with one boring design for their roofs.
  • Another benefit of choosing a metal roof is an extended warranty. An asphalt roof will typically only come with a ten or twenty-year warranty, whereas a metal roof can come with a warranty of up to fifty years.

When it comes time to replace a roof, homeowners sometimes find it difficult to make the right choice. Researching the roofing material options allows homeowners to discover why metal is so superior over other options. Metal needs very little maintenance and does not need to be replaced every twenty years like asphalt shingles and some other types of roofing.

Now Is an Ideal Time for Making a Change

Erie Metal Roofs is dedicated to helping homeowners overcome their poor roof quality with a solid metal upgrade. With a new metal roof, homes are more protected against damage than ever before. A metal roof can last for decades without needing to be repaired or replaced. Check out the options today to learn more about metal roofing and how it can be beneficial for your home’s structural stability and beauty.