Saturday, April 20

5 Common Signs You May Need To Repair Your Home’s Main Water Line!

Every homeowner should have a thorough understanding as to just how important their main water line is to the entire vitality of their residential plumbing system, but the sad truth is that most people don’t know all that much about their main water line and certainly don’t know the signs of needing a water main repair!

It’s always important to have a reliable plumbing team in your phone’s contacts just in case certain disastrous scenarios take place throughout your plumbing system, or if things simply start breaking down. It is somewhat tricky to recognize the right timing for a water line repair, so here are 5 common signs that you should be aware of that may indicate it’s time to get your main water line professionally examined!

Recurring Clogs


This is by far one of the most common signs of needing a water main repair, and the sad truth is that a lot of homeowners neglect this common plumbing problem! There may be instances in which your trusty plunger does the trick, but if you’re needing to utilize a plunger on a regular basis then it’s a clear sign that you’re dealing with a rather serious plumbing problem.

Many homeowners will simply keep utilizing their plunger until it doesn’t fix their clog issues, but by then your main water line could be in a whole world of trouble. The biggest thing is to recognize when you simply can’t explain why you’re getting frequent clogs, and then reach out to your local plumbing team to have them conduct thorough, professional analyses of the situation.

The odds are that you have something underground that’s wrecking havoc throughout your entire residential plumbing system, so getting a diagnosis early on can always go a long way in terms of helping you save money!

Noisy Fixtures And Taps


Your residential plumbing system should always be as silent as possible, so hearing any king of gurgling or banging sounds permeating throughout your pipes and toilets is always a bad sign. Sometimes you’ll be able to hear toilets gurgling just when you turn other fixtures on, like sinks and vice versa.

These abnormal sounds are a very serious sign of plumbing problems, and it’s an indication that you’re dealing with plumbing problems that involve more than one of your home’s pipes.

Water Pools Up Outside


This is another really common sign of main water lien issues, and it’s somewhat different because you’ll only be able to notice this sign when standing in your yard. If you do see any kind of unexplained puddles throughout your yard, or the grass above your main water line is very green, then it’ll be absolutely critical that you reach out to your local plumbing team immediately.

These types of water pools are a sign that you’re experiencing underground leaks that are sometimes pretty difficult to recognize!

Increases In Your Utility Bills


There are many scenarios in which homeowners will have routine utility payments that stay relatively the same from month to month, and then suddenly their utility bills skyrocket out of control in an unexplained manner.

This is a common sign of a home experiencing main water line problems, because leaks in this part of your plumbing system will waste a ton of water and you won’t be able to easily notice them.

If you do notice increases in your water bills then you should always have an expert come conduct an examination throughout your home, because if they can’t find a leak within your home then it’s likely that the leak is coming from you main water line.

Low Water Pressure Issues


There are some types of main water line issues, like tree root infiltration, that can subsequently be connected to clogs and blockages that end up slowing down the water pressure throughout your home. When homes experience any kind of sudden drop in pressure within their water supply, then it’s a clear sign that you’re going to need a professional plumber to come diagnosis if there is any blockage within your main water line.

A lot of homeowners have trouble deciphering when it’s the right time to reach out to the professionals for plumbing services, and many people think they can simply watch some videos on YouTube and then be a DIY plumber only to make matters much worse. No one expects their plumbing system to experience serious failures mainly because it was ultimately built to last for decades, but the truth of the matter is that main water line issues simply happen all the time and you and your family should be ready to recognize any of these common symptoms/signs and call in the pros!