Thursday, April 18

5 Important Considerations When Relocating a Business

Did you know that Wyoming tops the list of the states that levy no business taxes and are best for small businesses who are looking to move to a more tax-friendly state? Maybe you are thinking about relocating a business but are unsure of what exactly you need to consider when doing so.

Keep reading and we will outline the top five things that will make moving your business a cinch.

1. Don’t Forget About Moving Expenses

Before you think about moving your business, you need to create a moving budget. This way you know exactly how much you will need to spend to move all your equipment, employees, and everything else over to your new offices.

If you are moving states, then the moving expenses are going to be even higher. Keep that in mind when you consider moving expenses.

2. Inform Your Employee about Relocation Well in Advance

Maybe all your employees are remote and won’t be moving with you. But most likely, you have some employees that will need to be informed of the move well in advance so they can think about whether they want to relocate with you or not. Have some compensation in place both for those employees who would like to move along with you and those who decide not to.

3. Find Your New Office Site Location ASAP

Finding a new office location isn’t as easy as buying a home. There are many factors you will need to consider when searching for a suitable office location:

  • Square footage
  • Cost of renting or leasing the space
  • How many private offices or meeting rooms it has
  • Are there places to eat around the office
  • What are the parking facilities like
  • And much more

Don’t forget to take all this into account when searching for your new offices.

4. Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Of course, you will need to hire commercial movers when moving your business, someone who is familiar and experienced with moving businesses from one location to another. Don’t forget to check out online customer reviews when perusing through lists of movers to see which one would fit you and your needs best.

5. Inform Your Customers about the Move

If your customers are spread across the globe, it might not matter much if you move from one location to another. But if your customers are all located in the same area as you, then you will need to inform them of the move. Here you might need promotional materials like Custom Pens in Bulk, or keyholders to strategically announce your new location. Of course, you will also need to update all your stationery, email signatures, website, and Google Maps locations to keep everyone in the loop of your move.

Relocating a Business Isn’t as Easy as All That

As you can see, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind when relocating a business. It’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and voila, you are moved! If only that were the case.

That’s why ensure you cross your i’s and dot your t’s to keep the process as seamless as possible.

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