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Best Worktop Materials

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Granite is a very popular material, often people decide to use granite for it’s beautiful aesthetic, along with its hardwearing, heat resistant properties, as well as the nature of the stone’s antibacterial qualities and easy to clean nature. The downside to granite is its significant expense compared to other options and the fact that it is very heavy. It’s an all-around great choice and when sealed properly it is stain resistant. Once it’s installed it will require no more maintenance. As it is sturdy it is not likely to scratch or stain, and it only needs to be sealed once a decade.


Concrete looks amazing in industrial style kitchens. Concrete worktops come in all manner of colors, sizes and styles thanks to concretes versatile nature. It also fits with most other materials that might be present in your kitchen. It does, however, require care and maintenance. Many clients concerns are concrete porous nature. Seals are however applied to reduce the risk of penetrating the surface, spills are however advised to be cleaned up ASAP to reduce eh risk further. You can re-apply wax to the surface in order to avoid any nasty stains.


Hard wood is a good solution as long as you are willing to do the extra bit of work to keep it in check. It requires a lot of maintenance and is possible to stain, it can also scratch. It is, however, a cheaper alternative to stone options, there are a variety of grains and color available if properly maintained it is antibacterial in nature. Also, over time it will look better and better as wood ages. Check out home improvements north wales for more tips on this


This man-made alternatives mean that we are able to fortify natural quarts with resin in order to make a very hard wearing and customizable worktop suitable for all kinds of food preparation and other kitchen activities. In addition, it is hard wearing, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and has an unrestricted range of colors. Another quality it shares with granite however is its expense, quartz is very popular and as such demand is high.

Solid surface composite

What is solid surface composite? These worktops are made by applying a fantastic acrylic resin to the top of a substrate material like wood. They create a seamless glossy worktop that fits ideally into modern design.

The pros include the fact that it is both heat and scratch resistant, is seamless so no unsightly lines where the seams join together is resistant to stains and can be crafted into any shape or size required – now that’s bespoke. It is very expensive, however.


Now, this is a new addition to the work surface market, it is very stylish and looks fantastic in a contemporary design. It can also be made in any size or shape, easily cleaned and hygienic. It’s also very durable, resistant to hear, available in a wide range of colors and styles and looks modern, sleek and cool. It is a tad expensive and needs to be cleaned frequently.