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How Do I Choose the Best HVAC Company in My Local Area?

Did you know indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? You’ll also need to worry about proper cooling or heating. All of these factors will affect your home or business place’s energy expenses. 

This is why you need to hire the best HVAC company in town. Only reliable professionals can repair, maintain, and update your HVAC system to keep it up and running. Not only will you live more comfortably, but you’ll also manage to reduce your bills.

Don’t hire the first team of HVAC professionals you find online. There are a lot of businesses and teams but not all of them offer the same quality of work. Discover how to find the right HVAC business with our list below:

License and Business Permits

Never hire an HVAC business that can’t provide a business permit and proper licenses. Some states require HVAC repairmen and installers to carry licenses but some don’t. Make sure to check your local area for verification.

Even if they don’t have to carry a license, ask for training certifications. It’s always better to hire a team that underwent specialized training and workshops. These short lessons help hone their skills and keep them updated regarding newer and better HVAC systems.

Having a business permit guarantees liability and accountability. If anything goes wrong, the business won’t take your money and run. You could hire an independent, freelance team to save cash but there’s no guarantee they’ll address further issues or mistakes.

Years of Experience

Is it wrong to hire an HVAC business that only has a year or a few months under its belt? No, but there’s no guarantee the employees have the experience and skills needed to deal with any HVAC situation. What if you have an extensive request that needs in-depth knowledge?

Experienced HVAC repairmen can identify a problem and come up with a solution almost immediately. They do this type of work daily so they already know most of the common problems people experience.

New servicemen might not know what to do if it’s their first time encountering your HVAC case. They might not have the contacts and associates to help them get cheaper replacement parts.

Experience can also help reduce costs. A company with experience knows when your system only needs cleaning and when it needs in-depth maintenance or repairs. Check out this guide here for a deeper dive into this topic to learn more: https://www.coolhuntsville.com/air-duct-replacement-maintenance-vs-cleaning-what-you-need-to-know/.

Portfolio of Work

Don’t immediately hire even if a business has a few years of experience. The business might have been around for five years but is there any proof of their work? For this reason, ask the HVAC company to showcase its portfolio.

A portfolio is a visual peek into the company’s previous work. They might display some of these on the official website. For others, you might need to check reviews or get in touch with previous clients.

Look for samples of HVAC work similar to what you need. This will provide context and insight into what they can offer you.  

The company’s portfolio will also reveal what kind of HVAC services they offer. We’ll tackle that more in-depth in the section below. 

What Services Do They Offer?

Does the HVAC company only deal with residential air conditioning units? Does the business offer zoned HVAC routing or industrial ventilation for large office buildings?

Some companies only offer maintenance work. You’ll find businesses that go the extra mile and can handle full replacement or installation jobs.

They might even have an in-house store in case you need newer parts later on.

This plays into the next factor you should consider. If you need replacement parts for your HVAC system, do you buy those parts yourself or will the company provide them?

Their Parts or Yours

HVAC businesses will charge less if you can provide parts yourself. The problem with this is the fact you might not get the right parts. You could accidentally purchase parts that don’t fit or are from the wrong manufacturer. 

Buying parts from the repair company might even save you money upfront. The HVAC business might have business partners, including suppliers. These deals guarantee cheaper prices for high-end HVAC parts. 

Some businesses offer both. They’ll give you a quote if you ask for their services plus parts coming from their supplier. They’ll also give you a quote only for their labor but you’ll need to buy the parts.

Keep It Local

Get on Google Maps and run a search for local HVAC businesses within a small radius. Make sure the companies listed in the search results are from your area. If you can’t drive to their office, they can’t drive to your home or office. 

If you hire a company that lives outside of your radius, you might have to also cover the costs of transportation. They have to bring equipment, after all, and this costs extra gas.

Sticking with a local HVAC also guarantees they can get to your location in case of an emergency. 

Residential HVAC vs Industrial

Never assume that every HVAC business offers the same kind of services. Some only offer residential installation and repairs. Others only work for industrial sites and offices. 

There are types of HVAC systems built only for small homes. There are HVAC systems that filter and control temperatures for an entire building. Make sure to check what kind of HVAC company you hire before even getting in touch with them.

Residential HVAC companies offer installation for air conditioning units and room heaters. They can help with regular maintenance and regular parts replacements. Experts can finish this type of work in a day or two.

Industrial HVAC services are far more elaborate. This can take days or weeks depending on the extent of the work. You might need HVAC zoning to deliver air conditioning to specific rooms on a whole floor, for example.

Get a Quote

Never seal the deal without first asking for a quote. The HVAC company should be able to provide an estimate of the costs. However, don’t settle with a quote made over the phone.

Ask if the company can send a specialist to your home or office building. Let them survey the problem and assess what they need to do. Only then will they be able to provide an accurate estimate. 

Stay clear of companies that require you to hire them to ask for a quote. Companies might ask you to pay a small fee since they have to send out someone to check your place. However, there shouldn’t be any obligation to hire them after receiving a quote.

Insurance and Warranties

Ask if the HVAC company has liability insurance for its employees. After all, something could go wrong and accidents could happen during the job. You don’t want to end up covering hospital bills or extra damage costs to your air conditioning unit.

Is the company coming to replace a few parts?

Inquire about their warranty policies, especially for parts they’ll install. They should offer warranties to cover replacements or maintenance for faulty parts. Some warranties can last only a week while others remain valid for years.

Always Read Client Reviews

Read customer reviews before finalizing which HVAC company to hire. The advertisements a company puts out might look great but does the business live up to those promises? Reviews can reveal the truth.

Can you believe the details in client reviews? The majority of shoppers trust online customer reviews as much as they trust the word of a relative or friend.

People can’t leave a review without proof that they hired the company, after all. Some people post photos or videos. All of these factors provide credibility to a review.

Compare Your Choices

Got a few choices lined up? Narrow down your choices to only three to five different companies. These should be the top five after going through all the factors listed above.

List down all the pros and cons of each company. You should pick the business that offers all the advantages you seek and fewer disadvantages. Don’t forget to compare the quotes too, ensuring you hire a business that fits within your budget.

With some diligent searching, you may find an HVAC company that offers everything you need without any major disadvantages or expenses.

Hire the Best HVAC Company

Now you know all the steps to take when hunting for the best HVAC company in town. Start by looking only for local businesses that offer the services you need and then go over their services and portfolio. Make sure to ask for a quote and dig into reviews for further insight.

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