Thursday, April 18

How to Properly Take Care of Curtains

Easy Tips to Clean Your Curtains

A home without curtains is dull. But, having long and flowing curtains may entail harboring a lot of dust. Reading this, you might want to wash your curtains and see whether the water gets murky. Well, it will! But, you should not immediately dump your curtains to check how dirty it is.

Curtains only last long if they are cleaned properly. Although you can entrust your beloved curtains to the trustworthy dry cleaning Times Square in your neighborhood, it is best to have a little knowledge on how to take care of your curtains. That’s why we will talk about cleaning and maintaining your curtains.

Properly Cleaning and Maintaining Curtains

The golden rule of thumb in the laundry: always check the wash label instructions. Let’s take silk or velvet curtains as an example. These types of fabrics have to be hand washed. Thus, DIY cleaning is appropriate and dry cleaning is appropriate for other curtain materials.

If your curtain needs dry cleaning, call your trusted laundry service, they might be offering one.

Handwashing Curtain Tips

Honestly, handwashing is the best option for all types of curtains. But, it is quite an effort to hand wash all of them; that’s why some opt only to do it with their delicate curtains.

When handwashing, only use mild detergent soaps to rinse the curtains easily. Do not use a brush or other cleaning tools that may damage the fabric.

Dry Cleaning Curtain Tips

If you have a lot of light and colorful curtains, dry cleaning works best on them. Using other laundry methods on these types of curtains may result in color bleeding or damage. 

Steam Cleaning Curtain Tips

Some curtains are big enough to fit inside the washing machine. If you have a steam cleaner, this helps the situation. You can eliminate dust, dirt, and cobwebs gently.

When stream cleaning moves the streamer slowly upwards and downwards to cover the areas of the curtains efficiently. 

Machine Washing Curtain Tips

You can wash your curtains at home or at the laundry service near you. When doing so, curtain washing becomes simple and more convenient. Do not use warm water when washing the curtains; they may shrink.

A slow spin and cold water are ideal for washing curtains. Only use formulated detergent for your curtain material. Do not use any bleach or harsh detergents.  Moreover, when drying your curtain, ensure that the dryer machine is set to a delicate cycle. 

But, we have a pro tip; the rinse cycle in heavy curtains may fail to clean them perfectly. Instead of putting them inside a dryer machine, it is best to air dry them. It prevents from giving your curtain a damp odor.

Final Thoughts

It is always nice to have a beautifully decorated home, but a clean one makes it nicer. Do not assume that your curtains are clean just because they are beautifully hanging. Take note that they harbor dust. Do not forget the tips we have shared to take care of your curtains properly.