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Your Smart Choices with the Best Fascia and Soffits

The benefits of UPVC fascias and soffits - Roofrite

The soffit has both a protective and aeration function. Placed under the edge of the roof, the soffit is an aluminum sheet which, thanks to the perforations, allows air to enter the attic. This air intake combined with the action of a fan, located at the top of the roof, prevents the accumulation of humidity and thus the risk of mold. It also helps to reduce or even prevent icicles from forming under the roof edge.

The installation of a soffit is essential to prevent water infiltration and freezing, but also to prevent insect infestations in the attic.

For a perfect finish and harmony with your fascias and optimal ventilation, our team will advise you on the choice of soffits to be installed on your building.

What Is A Fascia?

If the fascia and the soffit are two complementary elements and work together, they have two distinct roles. The fascia is an exterior element of the roof. This is a long piece of aluminum, painted the color of the house, to which the gutter is attached. It thus creates a tight barrier between the soffit and the roof. Its function is to prevent debris, snow or even rain from entering the roof and causing damage to the structure.

  • But the fascia has above all an aesthetic role. It creates a smooth transition between the roof and the soffits, providing a beautiful finish. The fascias that we install are made of aluminum, a material recognized for its durability and its optimal properties to face the changes of seasons and harsh climatic conditions.
  • For a proper installation, you can count on our team. Soffits and fascias are covered by the BP warranty. Contact us for more information.

You have certainly noticed that the soffit (false ceiling disbursement, most often for the passage of plumbing or heating / ventilation networks) in some old houses and in religious buildings was particularly well decorated. An element in its own right constituting the upper part of a room, it brings both protection and a touch of style to a home.

Today, however, it is often left out during landscaping. However, these different characteristics allow you to benefit from many advantages. Now with UPVC fascia and soffits installations you can have the ease of mind.

A ceiling more suitable to last

It constitutes the upper part of a room and is discovered in a horizontal or inclined wall under the cornice. If it was considered in time to bring the decorative touch of a construction, this is not however its primary goal.

Indeed, it is an element of the roof which is perforated to ensure better air exchange in the house. It allows air to circulate freely and thus considerably reduces the risk of rotting. Each hole is also designed so that no insect can settle or enter it. This allows it to provide better protection of the roof against damage.

These are all characteristics that will allow your roof to last over time. If you need to carry out work for the renovation of your soffit or for its construction, professionals are indeed at your disposal.

For a choice of ceiling more suited to your style

Depending on the structure of the building, the soffit can be supported by concrete or steel beams or by a wooden frame. You can also choose between a fixed ceiling, reinforced plaster or a false ceiling that can be suspended or stretched.